1. Tiftid

    [GUIDE] All About Light

    Those who know me well know that for the past couple of years or so, I've been obsessed with light and shadow. You can't be obsessed with something and not gain at least a little knowledge about it, so I'm going to share that knowledge with future generations, who will definitely be attentive to...
  2. dabmasterars

    Lighting bug after placing a 3D skybox

    Some areas of my map have weird lighting, the 3D skybox itself is fine. Please help me fix it.
  3. Yo Yo Bobby Joe

    Neon Light Bunching Issue

    Hey there again! I'm here because I'm working on a map that uses quite a lot of neon, or emissive textures like the PASS Time Neon. The issue I'm running into is one that I've somehow never run into before with neon. The lighting from the neon bunches up into the center of the brush. For really...
  4. MrOakridge

    Marquee Letters 1.0

    Light-up marquee letters, numbers, and a bit of punctuation for use in your maps. Ideal for urban environments or anywhere you want to add some showiness. Notes: Based on the Bebas Neue font. Comes in three sizes Includes, off, on, and blinking light modes as skins. Modular support structures...
  5. dabmasterars

    Black texture on a brush glitch

    After compiling the map with final lighting, one of the brushes turned completely black. This is just a regular brush, not a func_brush, not a func_detail. Below images are how it looks in game (compiled with final lighting) and how it looks in hammer. (lighting preview, triggers and nodraw on)...
  6. dabmasterars

    Environmental light error

    I wanted to make an optimized version of pl_barnblitz, but after compiling, every displacement and brush went black despite the props still lighted by light_env. Everything looks fine if you enable "3D Lighting preview" in Hammer. Please help me fix this. Below is a screenshot of the map.
  7. Roboto

    P-4rio's Night Lights v1

    Includes Lights: --- Thin (30 Inner / 45 Outer) And Wide (45 Inner / 60 Outer) --- That are appropriately Named. (Remove the Names before compiling or else Source will have a Brain Blast and make them Dynamic) --- From Heights: 192 256 320 384 448 512 ---
  8. Capp

    Looking for assistance with lighting for gatorlake

    Firstly, i appreciate the positive reception around my map and I wish to finish and polish this damn thing into RC1 asap. Unfortunately I can't quite find that much time to dedicate into this project and it seems I will be even less available in the next couple of months (aka before may). With...
  9. Motik7

    cliff_wall_05.mdl issues

    Basically models/props_forest/cliff_wall_05.mdl (a static prop) doesn't have collisions and it for some reason doesn't light. The collisions is an easy fix I just add block bullet objects and there's your collision but the lighting is kind of an issue because it's pitch dark. It's outside with a...
  10. The Tiny Desk Engineer

    How do I configure dynamic lights?

    I've been trying to find what all the keyvalues on the light_dynamic entity are used for over the course of at least a year, but the valve developer community wiki isn't very good at explaining what exactly the keyvalues do. I can't find any other documentation on the entity.
  11. FamyCHoff

    compilation option - -staticproppolys doesn't work in hammer editor source SDK Base 2013

    compilation option - -staticproppolys doesn't work in hammer editor source SDK Base 2013, but works fine in Counter-Strike Source. How to do the same?
  12. Skylark

    Tonemap and Environment Lighting Settings for Official Maps

    I needed luminance and tonemap settings from official maps for something, grabbed all of the lighting info, scaling, and skybox (on request) and put it into a spreadsheet. As it's otherwise tedious to find tonemap settings because the Sky List doesn't mention them, despite tonemaps being...
  13. Pdan4

    Props with improper lightmapping

    [RESOLVED] Hey y'all, I'm running into a very strange issue with props for my In & Out Detailing Contest entry. I've had props that were properly lightmapped before, but now ignore light_env except for its ambient. They almost look black... almost. Regular lights work fine, but this stuff is...
  14. Bill Shit

    Strange "ink spills" lighting error

    When I compile a map, there's many strange and unexplainable lighting errors (which the VDC refers to as "ink spills"). Even with all of the final VRAD parameters, these errors remain. I've checked the lightmap scales and they are all default and uniform, even changing them only seems to dilute...
  15. V3rb

    Lights.rad workaround + making maps for sfm

    Okay, so what I want is a map for an animation i want to make in sfm where there's a big room with black wall textures but floating glowing cubes everywhere that emit a strong white light. Now, i have never used sfm before. So first off, should I use tf2 Hammer or sfm Hammer to make it? Second...
  16. V3rb


    I cannot get glowing textures to work at all in tf2. So, all I want to do is make some floating glowing pure white cubes that are very bright, and so I created a lights.rad file for it. But, no matter what I do, the white cube gives off a very faint glow to the surrounding area, and no other...
  17. KöpəkOğlu

    Lightmap shadows on displacement issues.

    Recently I've been trying to learn how to add details and better scenery to maps in hammer. I noticed that displacements I make have much softer/diffused shadows compared to normal brushes. In this image you will notice the line where the displacement and the brush meet because of the baked...
  18. TheCrafters001

    Map in Full Bright Even with light_environment and light Sources.

    So, I am working on a map for a friend, and I have some light sources, but when the map is compiled and played, it shows the map in Full Bright. I do have light_environment and light setup around the map, but what is causing the map to go Full Bright? Picture files attached.
  19. Cynder loves Portal


    I want to make a room completely dark for a rave room. It keeps being lit. This is the room: I've set up all the lighting for it to make it a rave but it's not coming out as i wanted. is it worth using "BLOCK LIGHT" brushes and how do i go about it?
  20. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Problem with props being dark

    Hello there, I have a problem where a prop_dynamic model appears dark even though there are light entities all around it. There are a few things you should know about it first: 1. The prop is from a Sketchfab to SFM (& TF2) port. The model is a prop_dynamic to be visible in-game. (prop_statics...