Tonemap and Environment Lighting Settings for Official Maps

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Aug 9, 2018
I needed luminance and tonemap settings from official maps for something, grabbed all of the lighting info, scaling, and skybox (on request) and put it into a spreadsheet. As it's otherwise tedious to find tonemap settings because the Sky List doesn't mention them, despite tonemaps being important and shouldn't be skipped.

Viewed on Google Sheets

JSON format for programmers


Edit: I looked in this category and there is a similar thread that includes environment settings for each map in VMF form, so a mention to Every Environment, something I didn't know was there until now. It was also something I was kinda planning to do but generated programatically.
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Jul 22, 2014
This is very useful. Thanks.


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Feb 25, 2019
I was gonna say that i did something similar, but I see that you found my thread. I did it cause i was kind of tired to have to look up the environments in the valve sky list, and it didnt really show how it looked in-game, specially cause i suck at environemntes and i just copy-past them from other maps.

But your list is nice though, it has every map and easier to understand than the valve sky list.