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  1. PoFro

    Rare VRAD HDR Compile Error

    Hey all, Whenever I run vrad with HDR enabled for my surf map, I get an error on the BuildVisLeafs line saying: "Out of Memory Address Space. Texture Quality Setting May Be Too High." There are no relevant threads on the internet except for this one...
  2. Scampi

    Anomalous Compiling Issues

    Alright, here we go again with more compiling issues. There seems to be an issue with my maps being partly broken for people. The thing is, whenever I test my maps, everything is fine, all the content is there, the lighting looks fine. But when others playtest it, lighting appears broken, it...
  3. Scampi

    More compiling issues

    Alrighty, here I am again, suffering from more compiling madness. Here's the rundown: I have been incrementally making a detail map (not for gameplay, probably) and compiling after each large change. It's loaded with custom content, and each time Compile Pal has been able to pack it all up...
  4. Paulsy B. Rapper

    prop_static Leaking Into Map, But Not Near Void

    Some fence prop_statics are claimed by the compile log to be leaking, even after I move them several hammer units above the ground, where they are suspended in mid-air. Deleting the fence that the red line is attached to doesn't help, it just moves to another one. I've tried...
  5. Gravidea

    Map Compiling Problems

    So I recently started working on pkmn_sootopoliscity_a1 (which I mentioned in another thread) but I soon noticed I was having trouble compiling the map to test in Hammer. I even tried messing around with the Expert Settings and changing the RAD to Fast but to no avail. It says not respond when I...
  6. arthurgps2

    I can't compile my map! Someone help me!

    So after like 3 updates of my map, ctf_crossover without compiling it (my PC is a 2010 one, it takes too long to compile my map), I decided to test my map to see how it goes. Fixed the leaks, got to TF2, wrote that command to load my map and.... for some reason the map was an older version of my...
  7. mat_mot0

    Bad Brushes

    I had a error with my map that would not compile the rest of my progress into the game. I checked it on and I don't know what "brush 5955: floatplane: bad normal side 1 texture: tools/toolsnodraw" means. I'm very knew to the mapping community and mapping in general and any help...
  8. Scampi

    Curious issue with Compile Pal

    Hello again. I've recently started to use compile pal with my smaller mapping projects, and it's really quite something. Now that I've gotten it to pack custom content automatically, it's glorious. However, there's a pretty glaring issue I'm having with it so far that prevents me from using it...
  9. AlphaOwl

    Issue with .bsp file [SOLVED]

    Hi there. So I've been working on this map, and decided to give it a compile. However, it appears that during compilation, it runs into a command that has "the system cannot find the file specified.", so I looked around and found that my map file didn't appear in my tf/maps folder. I was gonna...
  10. Riftex

    Everything in map suddenly deleted - VMX and BSP not working either.

    Alright, I've been searching for someone with a similar problem, but to no avail. I tried to open up my map in Hammer, and when I loaded the file, it loaded normally with no errors. The only problem is that there is now nothing in the map, its essentially no different from a completely new...
  11. S

    My map's .vmf has been frozen in time and is far beyond broken.

    So I was just creating a payload map and all of the sudden everything I save in hammer doesn't load when I run the map. I thought that it didn't copy the file to tf2 but after further inspection, it did copy it. Then I removed some payload entities and the water I had placed before compiling...
  12. UltimentM

    HOw DO I DEleT a Thread?

    Hammer is freaking out for some reason and is refusing to compile my map. I have no idea why, and its starting to get on my nerves. Originally, my map was not updating when I compiled it so I changed the name and deleted all non-.vmf files. I have checked that there's no leaks within my map...
  13. Yabayabayaba

    Tf2 crashing upon map load, Help!! {fixed}

    Here is the long story of how I got very confused. I downloaded compile pal in an attempt to pack my map, and it looks awesome, yet ever since loading my map crashes tf2. If I load it via the console or via another compile (hammer or compile pal) makes no difference, tf2 still crashed midway...
  14. TheGhostThatWas

    Lighting Missing and Half-Leaks

    I'm currently editing a modified version of pl_barnblitz, but I'm getting tired of trying to understand the optimization problems. The biggest issue I'm having is that the map appears to be rendering without any light_environment, but I think that has to do with the optimization issues, a leak...
  15. Rainbow Unicorn

    Compiling Issue

    So i am working on my first map, and i have a little issue. Map in Hammer looks different then in Game: In Hammer: In Game (Looks like my older save of this map):
  16. Kunny

    Umm... My map is crashing my game

    I am trying to test out a map I made, but the game crashes everytime I try to start it. Here is the compile log ** Executing... ** Command: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\bin\vbsp.exe" ** Parameters: -game "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team...