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Curious issue with Compile Pal

Discussion in 'Mapping Questions & Discussion' started by Scampi, Dec 18, 2017.

  1. Scampi

    Scampi L4: Comfortable Member

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    Hello again. I've recently started to use compile pal with my smaller mapping projects, and it's really quite something. Now that I've gotten it to pack custom content automatically, it's glorious. However, there's a pretty glaring issue I'm having with it so far that prevents me from using it for projects I want to release.

    Whenever I perform a compile with VVis on anything other than fast, the compile grinds down to a halt. It'll progress up to the PortalFlow stage, get to 7, then cease to go any further. It looks like it's trying, it's still running, and nothing crashes or anything, it just won't move beyond this point. I've waited DAYS to see if anything happens, but nope. Perhaps even more interestingly, this happens with every map I've tried. No matter how large, small, simple, or complex.

    Kinda interested to know why it's doing this, but I'll be pleased to get it working regardless.
  2. VEssex

    VEssex L2: Junior Member

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    Might want to try compiling without compile pal using the Hammer integrated compiler. Then try another program like VIDE if using the integrated compiler works fine on normal, unless anyone can offer a solution than switching programs.
  3. fubarFX

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    compilepal should not affect vvis performance beyond the vvis.exe process priority. it should more or less mirror the performance from hammer (given the same compile options ofc).
  4. Izotope

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    Funfact: You can pack using CP without actually compiling with it. Just tick the packing option only and go.
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