Wobblypop A3b

Replace your old addiction with a new and potentially more harmful one!

  1. OctoBlitz
    Wobblypop is a symmetrical 5cp map set between a Blu controlled Soda Factory and a Red owned Brewery with inspiration taken from Process, Sunshine, and Highpass!

    This map my 2nd attempt at a 5cp map after AirRaid!

    Special thanks to @Xelily for helping me with displacements on the map and minor feedback regarding suggesting on what areas of other maps to take inspiration on during development!

    Any feedback on the map is greatly appreciated, happy testing!

    (P.S. to any Demoknights: The ramp props at mid can launch you if you charge at them!)


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Recent Updates

  1. Door recall
  2. Minor game-play fixes and tweaks
  3. Introducing: New! Wobblypop! Same Wobblypop with a great new taste!