Sabotage A13 Fix

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Sabotage A13 Fix

Oh my god, it's a mirage! I'm tellin' y'all, it's SABOTAGE!!!!

Sabotage was a project I started in mid 2018 to help me understand payload's logic and get a feel for displacements, and with 2 years passing by I have decided to return to this project with a new skill set and understanding of hammer as a whole.

This new and improved version of Sabotage includes:
  • A completely remade from the ground up layout
  • New gameplay gimmicks that were missing from the original due to lack of skill with Hammer and its logic systems.
  • Drill Cart!
If you have any bugs you would like to inform me about or have any gameplay suggestions and feedback, please do not hesitate to let me know either through the thread, Discord, Steam, Etc.!

Drill model for cart made by Soliare, ported into TF2 by OctoBlitz
  • (No download will be made available until further notice.)
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  2. Fixes and jump pads

    Fixed an exploit where blu players can teleport to Red's finale Fixed disabled 1 way door Elevator now stays open for a main path (may change in later versions) Added more jump pads to 1 way drop downs for more dynamic gameplay
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    A12 has been released! Changes this update: - the old B point on Stage 1 has been removed and both stages have been stitched together into a singular stage due to player feedback - Added new forward spawns for Blu that activate after A is...