Fuzzy's TF2 Urban Texture Pack! (72 Hour Jam) Ver 1

Fuzzy's very first iteration on expanding the TF2 urban theme!

  1. fuzzymellow
    With over 170 textures to choose from, this urban pack mixes content from TF2 with a little bit of CS:GO to bring a new face to the less-explored urban theme within TF2. Made over the weekend for the TF2Maps 72-Hour Jam with lots of love, with much more on the horizon to look forward to! Huge thanks to @Void for helping with the VMTs, texture zoo, and emotional support! Feel free to add suggestions for what you'd like to see in the next version! Happy Jamming, friends~!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Anonymous
    Version: Ver 1
    Awesome, I'm always impressed when I use Fuzzy's textures because of the eye for detail with bumpmaps.
  2. Chicago Ben
    Chicago Ben
    Version: Ver 1
    Its a 72 hour but I feel the need to use half these textures when building urban buildings and trims. Metal textures are a must.