72hr Jam 2022 AirRaid B2a

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72hr Jam 2022 AirRaid B2a

Grab your flight suits and take off men!


Airraid - A competitive based 5cp map for the Frontline! community update!

Airraid takes place on the Jane Doe memorial airfield where a professional dogfight has taken place!

Your team must capture the enemy's hangar in order to bring peace of this memorial made of styrofoam, numerous stolen parts from the train museum near the 2fort facility, duct tape, and superglue!

First release
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Symmetrical CP

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Latest updates

  1. Refuling blew up due to a stray crate pallet...

    So I fixed the error causing everyone to have missing textures...
  2. We're taking off once more...

    Man it's been a while, I have matured and gotten back into mapping AirRaid once again! This version is in Beta 2 since us at Team AirRaid (@BigfootBeto , @SmallBiscuit , And I) have been working hard trying to rebalance the map for the better...
  3. Air control report #10 BETA UPDATE

    WELCOME TO THE JANE DOE MEMORIAL AIRFIELD AND SOLDIER MUSEUM! We did it folks, We have reached Beta! This journey has been long and arduous, so now I have reached a good point to stop the Alpha and I am now getting ready to finish the mapping...