back to basics

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  1. dodopo2324

    Koth_Hospital a3

    A sequal to "Koth_onest_a1" i guess, i made this for the back to basics contest, right now there is nothing much in the map just an outdoor area and a capture point inside an undecorated hospital, but i have plans for it. i think...
  2. Khuntza

    sovereignty A6

    5CP medieval themed (but not mode) map. 3D skybox cloud textures by theatreTECHIE -
  3. Trippey

    koth_mega_ultra_super_basic a4

    Currently work in progress, the name might change as well
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    Emilnewthing legacy01

    Attack/Defence 2CP map, based on the coastside. Made for back 2 basics contest Winner of the Back 2 Basics contest (2nd place, asym)
  5. OctoBlitz

    Wobblypop A7

    Wobblypop is a symmetrical 5cp map set between a Blu controlled Soda Factory and a Red owned Brewery with inspiration taken from Process, Sunshine, and Highpass! This map my 2nd attempt at a 5cp map after AirRaid! Collabing with @Xelily on Art passing the map as well as advising me on maps to...
  6. Tang

    koth_freezer A1

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A brutal fight in brutal conditions! This King of the Hill match up is set inside a freezing Cold Storage unit, perfect for the hot rivalries of Red and Blue. This is my submission for the...
  7. Keasbey

    koth_solstice a5

    Solstice is my second map, and my first attempt at making a real map, where I test what I have learned and try to make something fun, playable, and good looking (maybe). Made for the Back 2 Basics Contest.
  8. RevolutionTeam

    Back to Basics Map Help

  9. Asd417

    Axlebox b12

    There are several problems I see with cp_standin. First, the points are too far from each other. You cap a point, and leave to go get the next point. When you are halfway there to the next point, the enemy team has almost captured the point you captured 20 seconds ago. You either turn back or...