Autumnal Content Pack (v1.06 - Sep 10 2019) v1.06

Lost & unreleased content from previous Autumn maps

  1. Berry
    After four years of procrastinated development, it's finally here (and just in time for the season!); the content pack of assets built with Autumn maps in mind -- though not to say a lot of the content doesn't look great in other maps!.

    It includes content built for several Autumn maps to improve the feel that were never released, from maps like KotH Maple Ridge, PL Rebirth, CP Redville and CP Deceit. It features many new materials, overlays and a small selection of models for your maps.

    Thanks to @TheoF114, @Crowbar, @killohurtz


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  1. Anonymous
    Version: V1.05
    Awesome, shipped a map with some of the overlays.