contest entry

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  1. LunarEagle

    Winter Market a2

    Player Destruction map made for the 2022 TFConnect contest, set during a Smissmas market in a small town. While Red and Blu were fighting they accidentally shot down Santa's sleigh. Unable to deliver presents to the local orphanage, both Red and Blu have taken it upon themselves to make sure...
  2. Punn Ames Ardum

    Tomato Can (Microcontest) a1

    This is for the microcontest - mode shifter and a rework of a Special Delivery map I've had in the works. I've used this prefab for the player destruction rules and such; I hope you like it!
  3. The_Evil_Pickle

    CTF Crawdad B1

    It's a capture the flag map. There's a neutral flag that either team can capture, in addition to the usual red and blue flags. Made for the rule of threes contest.
  4. TH3 D34DL3$$

    Arrival a5

    Enclosed trainyard where you have to blow up enemy's train while protecting your own. Bomb is located at the center of the map. Once it's picked up, opposite team has their train arrive at one of three random locations - Loading zone, Overpass and Metro. To plant a bomb, cap a point with it...
  5. olikat

    Kennecott A5

    My submission to the Rule of Three's Contest (both minor and major if possible). Kennecott is a gravel-pit style map whose location is inspired by the abandoned Kennecott mines in Alaska. I'd like to think the map is a unique take on the pyramid CP style, and hopefully proves itself enjoyable...
  6. LaughableNineSeal44

    Minecraft Nether MC5 A1

    My second pass time map made in ~4 hours for Microcontest 5: Pass Time Panic! This is Test Maps!
  7. LaughableNineSeal44

    Minecraft MC5 A1

    My first pass time map made in ~4 hours for Microcontest 5: Pass Time Panic! This is Test Maps!
  8. LaughableNineSeal44

    Minecraft MC4 B1

    My first arena map made in ~3 hours for Microcontest 4: Arena+!
  9. cooljpeg

    Trench Thing A1

    My first arena map made in ~3 hours for Microcontest 4: Arena+! The proportions are pretty sloppy and the map feels much more constricted than I intended, but this is also only my second map ever and am pretty proud of what I was able to do in just a few hours. Enjoy!
  10. zythe_

    zythe piuc a2

    [ABANDONED] i gave up lol A Hold the flag map made for the "Pick it up contest"!
  11. OctoBlitz

    Wobblypop A7

    Wobblypop is a symmetrical 5cp map set between a Blu controlled Soda Factory and a Red owned Brewery with inspiration taken from Process, Sunshine, and Highpass! This map my 2nd attempt at a 5cp map after AirRaid! Collabing with @Xelily on Art passing the map as well as advising me on maps to...
  12. G.A.S.

    Thorium A4fix

    This map is a short payload map with 3 control points. Red teams spawn room connects to 2fort styled unused spawn room. pl_thorium was made in one week after i cancelled a map i was making for the Payload Checklist Contest and still wanted to participate. I guess this map will take the last...
  13. Cindycomma

    Canale B2

    This is my entry in the Payload Checklist Contest, blu is pushing an airboat full of explosives through the canals of Venice to stop red from moving a tugboat full of explosives. I just noticed that RED and BLU both own boats full of explosives. Canale is now on the workshop! Check it out...
  14. OctoBlitz

    Kahoalii a7a

    Trouble in Paradise... Kahoalii is a Payload map set on a Red controlled island, disguised as a tourist hot spot and resort alongside the Hawaiian islands. This map was designed for the Tf2maps Payload Checklist Contest, by Octoblitz and Xelily The Current checklist items this map featured: ✓...
  15. Sentry

    (High and Low) Egyptian Temple 2018-07-15

    Ancient temple hidden under the sand for thousands years. Made for High and Low contest
  16. Mazata

    Farmfall rc1

    My entry for the connect 5 contest! Farmfall, a farm and industial area in a late autumn night Thanks to KaidemonLP for fixing bugs and problems: My profile(s)...
  17. Hosomi

    finale2017_hosomi packed

    I missed the deadline because I thought it was for 8pm GMT rather than 8am I had to work on and off on this, due to various pre-occupations such as exams
  18. Gorgonzilla

    finale2017_gorgonzilla V2

    Thanks to: EArkham for props from pl_snowycoast (namely the mothership) Rexy's for the custom forklift prop ( And also to all the people who put up with me when I was asking dumb questions ;)
  19. Rytu

    Intersection [MvM] RC2 Fixed

    Made for the Mappers VS Machines Contest Merasmus got in trouble with the Japanese Robo-Mafia, Thinking he is affiliated with the Team Fortress Mercenaries, The Robo-Mafia is comming after the Mann Co Headquarters, and it's your job to defend it ! So gear up, bring together your greatest...
  20. Mazata

    SeaLand 2017-07-23

    SeaLand is a small factory town in the mittle of nowhere that was invaded by Gray Mann and his robot army, but no fear, Red is there to defend the small town from the robots and Gray Download guide: This map contains 2 population files that you should put in...