control point

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  1. Lupe #savetf2

    Cp_storage 1.0

    My first Cp map and in my opinion the best map i have ever made. Cp_storage take place in a Mann Co. storage how have been dominated by the Red Team, and now the Blue team have to take it back. The fight take place in 2 different areas, the first point being in a large open area, and the...
  2. GeeNoVoid

    cp_spytech_mall a1

    In this thrilling episode the mercenaries fight over a public shopping mall. Made for the 2022 72 Hour Jam.
  3. GuardianAngel

    cp_tankard a2

    Fight for ye olde favourite pub in this small wooded town. CPs work similar to degroot keep. Either team can cap the two middle points. Once either blu or red owns both points, the opposite team's final point becomes available for 60 seconds. If the final point isn't captured after 60 seconds...
  4. pivotman319

    Control Point Hologram Particles Version 1

    Give your Control Point map some additional flair with these nifty little hologram and capture particles, complete with example VMF and BSP sources. Particle list: cp_capturered cp_captureblu cp_captureneutral
  5. Funnystuf

    Pumpkin Valley a6

    MEDIEVAL MODE BUT IT'S GOT PUMPKIN BOMBS, BAYBEEEE - I used A Boojum Snark's Mapping Resource Pack, as always. - And I also pretty much yoinked the logic from DeGroot Keep, but will probably edit it more after feedback. - map's got a death pit.
  6. Lev1679

    VIP_Dover B3

    "Civilian has returned to his native lands with an attempt to escape from the RED team, but alas, they overtook him there as well! Escort him through the old victorian streets of the small town next to the sea." vip_dover, A map i've made specifically for TF2C with the VIP gamemode. Its a 3CP...
  7. Texlow

    cp_northcoal_a1 2022-07-02

    This map is a collaboration between me and two great friends for the 72 hour jam: The Great General ( ) Sparlexander ( ) Me ( )
  8. Ismaciodismorphus

    Extended sign pack 5/3/2022

    Models included are called sign_wood_cap003 and sign_wood_cap004 respectively red and blu skins for d e f and e+d signs
  9. *Turns into crocodile*

    Renuclose a16

    Overgrown pack: Cardboard boxes:
  10. Entity Report

    Multi Stage cp_stellato a2_s1

    -The first of a three stage map
  11. Woomyman9000

    trade_area_v1 1

    I can't think of good titles, but that's not what you're here for. This is a map designed for trading with a control point in the center, a melee only zone(because funny) and a really epic and cool skybox
  12. Woomyman9000

    How would I make a match not end when a point is capped when there's only one point?

    I'm making a trade map, and there's a point so people have things to do, but I don't know how to make the game not end when the point is capped :/ So how would I make it?
  13. Lars

    cp_hilltop a4

    A new map from me in a long time, I decided I wanted to try and make another one. This 3CP Attack Defend map takes place on a hill. The Blu team needs to push up this hill and cap the 3 control points to win. Hope you like it! -Lars
  14. BadassCook

    Bonecrusher b1

    3cp halloween map, takes place in robot factory
  15. Emil_Rusboi

    Bottom part of cap_point_base bottom

    Control point model doesnt have its bottom part modelled. So if you ever make a point which could be visible from below you could use this to cover it up! Originally made for Squishy's Hardwood. Didnt bother with making custom texture so it uses cap_point_base shiny texture instead
  16. Cyberen

    Locking and unlocking control points

    I have a concept for a map whereas points only lock and unlock at specific events. Sounds simple, right? I even have a vmf below demonstrating this concept. However it seems to be easier in theory than in practice. If I don't fill out the "Red Previous required point 1" and "Blu Previous...
  17. talapka.aniko

    Blood Orange (orange event) b4

    A horrible curse was brought upon to the beautiful albeit unfinished lands of cp_Orange. Blood orange is a halloween makeover of cp_Orange_x3 packed with spells,crit pumpkin pickups and the screams of your enemies. Extra credit goes to: -Original Orange map by WhiteWolf_X -Swamp assets by...
  18. Sonoma

    Kluane a8

    A serious attempt at making a 1CP cp_cloak style map based off Ravine
  19. AlexEatDonut

    cp_dyncpconcept a2

    This map took far too long to make. This features stuff ! A point ! It moves ! Kinda ! When the point is captured it will transform, any BLU player standing on it will die, and RED will get a bunch of buffs to quickly get to a defensive position. Red have a bit of help to defend the same spot...
  20. Fault in Maps

    Half of the Control Point a2

    Flex Tape! The super strong waterproof tape that can instantly patch, bond, seal, and repair! Flex Tape is no ordinary tape. It's triple thick adhesive virtually welds itself to surfaces, instantly stopping the toughest leaks. Leaky maps can cause MAJOR damage, but flex tape grips on tight and...