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  1. Cool_Username07

    Warpath A1 (5CP) Alpha 1

    Ever played Warpath in TFC? Me neither, but the man who made the map layout obviously has. Now you kinda can in TF2. This being in an early alpha stage (and being my first map at that) guarantees that it's kinda gonna be just a teeny tiny bit overwhelmingly dogshit, so please tell me of any...
  2. SUPANERD360

    CP SupaNerd 72hr a1b

    I gave 5cp a shot for the first time because of the map jam. I wanted to take my favorite parts of sunshine, process, and gorge to create the unholy abomination that I attached above. Unfortunately I didn't give myself enough time to playtest this so it might be a hot pile of garbage for all I...
  3. DuckTheFinn

    cp_coolname a1

    I got another (probably passing) itch to make a map for TF2.
  4. PigPig

    cp_blackstart a1a

    A 5CP map designed to give a competitive experience that defies standard convention, inspired by maps such as metalworks, reckoner, and gully wash. The map aims to be an acquired taste that offers new environments and approaches. Thoughts from me: From 2nd to mid, the flank and main routes are...
  5. Texlow

    cp_northcoal_a1 2022-07-02

    This map is a collaboration between me and two great friends for the 72 hour jam: The Great General ( https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198035951394/ ) Sparlexander ( https://steamcommunity.com/id/Sparlexander/ ) Me ( https://steamcommunity.com/id/rippledipple/ )
  6. Katsu! :3

    Edited Nav Mesh Collection #5 - Control Points (Symmetrical) r3

    Do you like 5CP? How about 3CP? Yes to either of those? Well then this nav mesh pack is for you! Enjoy the large amount of painfully-long matches you'll have because none of your team wants to push last :) Nav Mesh Notes: cp_5borge - (No Notes at the Moment) --...
  7. Kiglirs

    Kaelir a8

    My 1st attempt at doing a map that is good in competitive and in pub, and in a V shape. I'll see how it goes! Also includes jumpads and hot water I'm not good at description today, i'll change it later
  8. Gorgonzilla

    Beirut a3

    A competitive 5cp map, with inspiration from Process, and Gullywash Images from a3: last lobby second house valley mid
  9. Hweepo

    Circular A1

    This started as an attempt at making a spiral-y 5CP map that only needed one spawn for each team. The "spiral-y" bit kinda fell apart, but I managed to pull off the rest. The result is very open, for the most part, but also very… dense? The Sniper sightlines are long, but unimportant. A...
  10. Lecs F. Copeland

    Steerfront B22c

    Rubbish map, ignore it. Probably worth checking out the version history.
  11. Pigzit

    Frostkeep pa2v9

    5cp map in a Medieval theme taking place across 2 walled cities fighting for a no-man's-land fortress. Map is currently unfinished- spent too much time detailing and haven't placed forward spawns or the blue side of the map- post 72hr BSP with functional gamemode will be posted in a few hours...
  12. lol no

    Red team auto-wins the match on round start (5CP)

    I've been configuring the points on my new WiP 5CP map (adding index numbers, implementing outputs, basic gamemode logic basically), and all seems fine enough so far. But there's one pretty major bug that's been plaguing my progress, that being that Red team always wins the match immediately...
  13. Werwolf73

    cp_Hexagonal a1

    a 5cp map inspired by granary and hydro
  14. Enderspoons

    cp_shiro a3

    This castle was built on top of a plateau high in the Japanese mountains with a looming multi-story tower seeing over all of it. And as everyone knows, strategic fortifications are a perfect commodity to tussle over using the medium of expendable mercenaries. This map would not be possible...
  15. Commingle

    cp_raised A1_2

    Mannpower/5cp hybrid map set in a Dutch city where you play on the rooftops and use your grappling hook to fly across the streets. The windmills on both sides are a dangerous landmark. Map plays like mannpower but CTF gameplay is replaced with 5CP. Falling onto the streets is lethal and you have...
  16. Zimbobub

    backlane b1

    My first serious attempt at making a tf2 map, cp_backlane is an in-development 5cp map.
  17. Mugenman88

    Trust a3

    Initial theme is RED and BLU and both running low on money so they look to raid the other team's banks but the gameplay does not currently reflect this, it is unknown whether I will push this theme forward or just make it a more generic city map
  18. Aulli

    symmetrical cp, Goldwood (Alpha, Invite)

    Made in mc13, I decided on a whim to make it a symmetrical 5 cp map. Turns out, apparently people like it? But a problem: I don't like 5 cp. https://tf2maps.net/downloads/goldwood.11205/ Alpha 5 currently, I feel like it's about 40% or so through alpha? It's unconventional for a map of its...
  19. GreenGuyCombine

    5cp_cliffsandpits A4

    A fairly straightforward 5cp map (I hope). So far I'm happy with the layout of the map so I'm uploading it here for some playtesting feedback to see what needs any changes.
  20. Lem Mem

    (Not) Minecraft Jungle a4

    I added the not to the name because too many people complained about the name promising minecraft but not delivering. This map is my attempt at updating the 2 Choke design to be better. Taking the best parts of Gullywash and Badlands to make a cool, jungle-y 5cp map. I thought a lot during this...