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  1. Templario20982

    72hr Jam 2023 Manolo a2

    the name is a placeholder rn, feel free to comment aynthing you think can be improved
  2. shark

    Wharves A3d

    My first 5cp map, set in a maritime shipping hub contested by RED and BLU. Balancing/design being done with competitive 6v6 play in-mind. Custom assets used: New water textures by HappyHead Recoloured materials by Ravidged Sharkbay assets by Zeus Selbyen assets and extra vehicle props by FGD5...
  3. maxchrome

    [5CP] Rashbi rc3

    A Counter-Strike's Dust/Mirage themed symmetrical map with 5 control points and forward spawns. This map is dedicated to imminent release/update of Counter-Strike 2, hence the name referring to meme "Rush B" from the same game. Yup. Special thanks to: ficool2, SCell555 and many others for...
  4. AlrexX [she/they]

    Up-n'-Down Town A1

    Capture the central point to unlock the enemy team's two control points, but be careful to defend the central point, because the enemy could capture it and turn the tides at any moment!
  5. equal

    Entropy b5

    Entropy is designed for 6s play. It is mainly based on Badlands and Gullywash but takes ideas from every map imaginable. It takes place in an overgrown city. Some earlier versions and notes can be found on tf.gg. Thanks to Bulletcrop asset makers for the coloured pipes and sewer.
  6. Gruppy

    Sector Sweep a3a

    Inspired by cp_badlands and cp_yukon. Been wanting to do a 5cp map for a min, also wanted to try working on geo for more organic environments.
  7. Gruppy

    Attrition Prefab v2

    Gamemode Rules: To win, teams must capture the MAIN control point. Teams start with a respawn wave timer of 5 seconds. Every minute 5 seconds are added to wave time, maxing out after 6 adds. Match starts with 30 seconds of setup time. All points start unlocked at round start. Middle point...
  8. its_natclayton

    LD3_Washout a3

    Developed as part of a Source level design jam in a Patreon discord server, with the theme being "Five Rooms" Washout is a 5CP map set in a dusty desert compound, that trades the usual sprawl of 5cp maps for a more compact layout that shifts depending on point control. Inspired by cp_Steel's...
  9. Seacat08

    Aztec A2

    Heavily inspired by de_aztec Props from mayan pack by EArkham
  10. Seacat08

    Seacat08_mc24 B3

    My entry for MC24 (Two wishes) Heavily inspired by de_aztec I did the 5cp,map contains deathpit, and set map in jungle with water wishes. I tried to do the 1024 underwater wish but I put a control point instead of the payloads. I hope that still counts
  11. AllInTw0

    GravelPile 0.1.1

    One of my first maps for tf2. Its a 5cp map which has a rotation based symmetry.
  12. Robogineer

    Titian a2

    Overall goals are to blow up retain the original proportions of cp_orange_x3 while adding new and improved gameplay balances. Probably not balanced for 6s! Credits to White Wolf and GGODD2 for the og map designs
  13. scrly

    Brute A3

    My first playable 5cp layout inspiration from cp_geomance initially was made to get into custom textures
  14. xobile

    Proworks V1a

    Original map by Ian "ScorpioUprising" Cuslidge Skybox by Aeon "Void" Bollig Edit of Metalworks intended for competitive play. Map is currently being run in ozfortress Sixes Season 35. If you have any other questions or want to run the map in a cup/season feel free to reach out to me on...
  15. Ismaciodismorphus

    Cranberry V2

    Cranberry is an Festive version of Cp_granary with some changes to "improve" the gameplay i may add more if i feel like it. Changes: Choke doors to mid are higher All doors are now 512 units in speed to prevent them from blocking player movement A new pickup the gingerbread man makes you run...
  16. lordofpixels

    Hole b3c

    feedback appreciated.
  17. goofster

    Gnamma_a1 a1

    In the middle of bumfuck nowhere, between many desert canyons both RED and BLU discover an underwhelmingly magical oasis with very weak healing powers. This abrupt discovery forces both RED and BLU to fight to death over it. I'm still getting the hang of making maps so I apologise for any...
  18. Cool_Username07

    72hr Jam 2022 Warpath A1 (5CP) Alpha 1

    Ever played Warpath in TFC? Me neither, but the man who made the map layout obviously has. Now you kinda can in TF2. This being in an early alpha stage (and being my first map at that) guarantees that it's kinda gonna be just a teeny tiny bit overwhelmingly dogshit, so please tell me of any...
  19. SUPANERD360

    CP SupaNerd 72hr a1b

    I gave 5cp a shot for the first time because of the map jam. I wanted to take my favorite parts of sunshine, process, and gorge to create the unholy abomination that I attached above. Unfortunately I didn't give myself enough time to playtest this so it might be a hot pile of garbage for all I...
  20. DuckTheFinn

    cp_coolname a1

    I got another (probably passing) itch to make a map for TF2.