Wobblypop A3b

Replace your old addiction with a new and potentially more harmful one!

  1. Door recall

    • Fixed a bug where Blu's forward spawn doors would overlap causing the door to remain permanently closed.

    • Added a small health under the point just to test how that would effect gameplay

    • fixed a sign on red displaying a blu arrow instead of a red arrow
  2. Minor game-play fixes and tweaks

    An update to Wobblypop is here!

    General Changes

    • Re-added a well door to Red side

    • All forward spawn doors are now one way only

    • Removed all Spawn teleporters

    • Remade doors underneath Mid so they are not clipping through the bridge

    • Tweaked high ground connectors at mid

    • Added a welcome camera to Mid
    After Yesterday's testing I am happy with how Mid plays for now, though changes to the layout, props, and the additions/removal of Health and Ammo are...
  3. Introducing: New! Wobblypop! Same Wobblypop with a great new taste!

    An update to Wobblypop is here!

    General changes:
    • Completely remade Mid from scratch and redesigned connectors to become shorter routes to mid.

    • Divided lower connector into mid into 2 rooms and raised the 2nd floor

    • Shortened the farthest connector to allow for a shorter time traveled between mid and 2nd

    • Redesigned main route to mid to decrease chances of getting sniped when traveling to mid

    • Moved both 2nd forward spawns underneath mid's control point

    • Fixed...
  4. A recall has been issued for Cp lite

    Wobblypop has been updated to A2a!

    General changes include:

    • Added signs to better help guide players around the map
    • Fixed a bug in Blu's first forward spawn causing players to spawn underground.
    • Fixed a bug allowing players to trap other players in red's forward respawn room. (if the bug persists I will allow the forward spawns to be opened from both sides and lock when the forward spawn is moved back.)
    • Added ramps at mid to help players easily get onto the point....
  5. New CP lite! The great taste of Control points, now in a pint sized can!

    A new update to Wobblypop has been released! Following changes include;

    General Changes:
    • Downsized the entire map due to overscaling
    • Remade Mid and last
    • fixed forward spawn doors for each team to not allow the players to get into the spawn room again.
    • fixed alot of visleaf issues the map had.
    • Reworked Connectors


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