Wobblypop A7

Replace your old addiction with a new and potentially more harmful one!

  1. Cracking open a cold one.

    Changelog for A7


    • Prop Staircase has been removed entirely and replaced with a regular staircase to balcony

    • The main Vat by the control point has been moved slightly and the conveyors have been separated allowing for soldiers to easily rocket jump to them

    • Main entrance into lobby has been tightened and has been made a shutter

    • The path to the far right of the control point into lobby has been deleted and has been made into...
  2. Solid ground

    fixed displacements at mid.
  3. Production increased 10 fold!

    An update to Wobblypop is here!

    General Changes include:

    • Started Art pass for the map, @Xelily has been brought on to help with further detailing.

    • Moved around spectator cameras.

    • Fixed a bug where you can view some cameras despite not owning the captured area.

    Specific area changes include:

    • Increased cap time for last from 2.1 seconds to 2.3.

    • Fixed clipping for Ingredient bags at the side if the cap, allowing for...
  4. Shipment jam

    Added/changed Signs around the map

    Fixed Patches and signs not appearing

    Changed around respawn times

    Fixed Clipping

    Changed capture times for last from 2 seconds each to 2.1 seconds.

    Added a bit of cover to the main route to Mid and 2nd getting rid of a nasty sightline into the route.
  5. New Diet Wobblypop! Same great taste with 0 Calories!

    A new update to Wobblypop is here!

    General changes include the following:

    • Added spectator cameras to every main part of the map.

    • remade certain brushes and fixed gaps within the map, made more func_details to help further improve performance.
    Changes regarding certain areas of the map specifically include the following:

    • Moved back spawns as to not allow players to spawn in front of a wall.

    • Made the capture zone...
  6. bug fix

    - removed blu spawning locations in red forward spawn

    - blocked off dead end at last spawns
  7. total recall of product #4

    Removed a respawn barrier for red's first forward spawn preventing them from leaving....
  8. Fun fact: Soda companies use brown coloring to mask impurities between small batches

    An update to Wobblypop is here!

    General changes:

    • Remade routes going into last from 2nd

    • Added much needed health and ammo to mid

    • Removed some cover at 2nd that caused engineers to be too powerful

    • Packed the map to feature new custom models and textures

      Forklift model by Rexy

      (special thanks to YoshiMario and Blade for assistance on helping me make the custom...
  9. Door recall

    • Fixed a bug where Blu's forward spawn doors would overlap causing the door to remain permanently closed.

    • Added a small health under the point just to test how that would effect gameplay

    • fixed a sign on red displaying a blu arrow instead of a red arrow
  10. Minor game-play fixes and tweaks

    An update to Wobblypop is here!

    General Changes

    • Re-added a well door to Red side

    • All forward spawn doors are now one way only

    • Removed all Spawn teleporters

    • Remade doors underneath Mid so they are not clipping through the bridge

    • Tweaked high ground connectors at mid

    • Added a welcome camera to Mid
    After Yesterday's testing I am happy with how Mid plays for now, though changes to the layout, props, and the additions/removal of Health and Ammo are...