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    Hey, just wanted to take an interesting conversation on the Steam Chat to the forums. Thought it would do the site some more justice plotted out here.

    Here is a copy/paste of the chat:

    10:53 PM - Ido: i just want a contest where the emphasis is on creating something new and interesting
    10:53 PM - Ido: breaking out of old fomulas
    10:53 PM - [UEAK]Crash: dynamic payload was a fun contest
    10:53 PM - Auwi: lets take upward and make it 5cp
    10:53 PM - Auwi: that might be cool
    10:53 PM - Jethro: let's take upward and make it downward
    10:53 PM - ynders??: I try to make my maps interesting
    10:53 PM - KubeKing4556: I was honestly thinking what Upward would be like as an a/d map
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    10:53 PM - Auwi: theres probably a gamebanana map like that
    10:53 PM - ynders??: but they usually end up being way too fucking dumbto be fun
    10:53 PM - KubeKing4556: Not deceivingly thinking
    10:53 PM - PyroDevil: i tried to make cliffside interesting
    10:54 PM - ynders??: I tried to make coniferous interesting
    10:54 PM - Freyja: Let's have an a/d contest
    10:54 PM - Freyja: a/d of any type
    10:54 PM - ynders??: whynot
    10:54 PM - Auwi: a/d TC
    10:54 PM - Freyja: because people always make symmetrical maps
    10:54 PM - Auwi: sounds fun
    10:54 PM - KubeKing4556: Yeah, seems fun enough
    10:54 PM - ynders??: isnt a/d tc just 3 stage a/d
    10:54 PM - Iiboharz/theredder: has there ever been a gamemode-locked 72hr?
    10:54 PM - Jethro: a/d of any type?
    10:54 PM - Ido: hmm
    10:54 PM - PyroDevil: it was untill layl surfed the playerclip and then just had the base jumper and just floated to the bottom
    10:54 PM - Ido: that could be neat
    10:54 PM - Freyja: payload, a/d cp of 3stage or gorge style
    10:54 PM - Auwi: the thing is people are just bad at a/d
    10:54 PM - Freyja: exactly
    10:54 PM - Ido: 72hr has always been open, iibo
    10:54 PM - Seba: are they better at sym
    10:54 PM - Freyja: that's why it'd be fun to do Auwi
    10:54 PM - Jethro: what about a/d ctf ho ho ho
    10:54 PM - Ido: asym contest
    10:55 PM - Freyja: It'd force people to not do koth and 5cp maps for a change
    10:55 PM - KubeKing4556: green giant
    10:55 PM - Ido: just anything asym
    10:55 PM - ynders??: yes
    10:55 PM - Freyja: Yeah actually Ido, that's better
    10:55 PM - Ido: asym arena? sure
    10:55 PM - Freyja: because then people could attempt asym koth or something if they wanted
    10:55 PM - Ido: yeah
    10:55 PM - Jethro: asym 5CP
    10:55 PM - Ido: i like this idea
    10:55 PM - Freyja: I'd like to see that
    10:55 PM - KubeKing4556: TF2Maps presents... the Asymmetrical Contest!
    10:55 PM - Auwi: a/d arena might be cool
    10:55 PM - Freyja: Everyone always seems to do sym maps
    10:55 PM - KubeKing4556: How would that work?
    10:55 PM - Seba: can't do symmetrical maps
    10:55 PM - Seba: simple
    10:55 PM - Freyja: Except don't call it that
    10:55 PM - ynders??: I do sym maps because I'm super lazy
    10:55 PM - Ido: only rule is that your map can't be symmetrical
    10:55 PM - Freyja: Because we already had the a/symmetrical contest
    10:55 PM - Auwi: a/d plr
    10:55 PM - Ido: the lopsided contest
    10:56 PM - ynders??: and bad at mapping
    10:56 PM - Noizeblaze:
    10:56 PM - Jethro: did we?
    10:56 PM - Seba: yes
    10:56 PM - Seba: ravidge hosted it i think
    10:56 PM - Freyja: That's the one that crossaint came out of
    10:56 PM - KubeKing4556: I do asymmetrical maps cuz I'm super lazy!
    10:56 PM - Freyja: and process?
    10:56 PM - Freyja: and snakewater I think?
    10:56 PM - Freyja: don't remember
    10:56 PM - Auwi: not snakewater
    10:56 PM - Freyja: everyone just did 5cp for it anyway
    10:56 PM - Auwi: it was I think clocktower
    10:57 PM - Ido: even if we do an asym contest, i want to push innovation as a thing
    10:57 PM - Auwi: and some 4 word maps
    10:57 PM - Ido: like
    10:57 PM - Auwi: map*
    10:57 PM - Jethro: that's... sort of funny, on the wiki entry for it, there's only four 5cp maps
    10:57 PM - Ido: make it a judging category
    10:57 PM - Auwi: in was in water or soemthing
    10:57 PM - ynders??: what was the premise of the a/symmetrical contest?
    10:57 PM - KubeKing4556: Yeah, Ido, I second that
    10:57 PM - Jethro: or atleast 4 symmetrical maps
    10:57 PM - Jethro: which is why i'd assume it was 5cps
    10:57 PM - Freyja: One of the winners was copperhead though
    10:57 PM - Seba: bonus points for innovation
    10:57 PM - Freyja: that was a cool map
    10:57 PM - Freyja: ynders: it was just cp
    10:57 PM - Freyja: cp of any type
    10:57 PM - ynders??: alright
    10:57 PM - Seba: was copperhead owly's map
    10:57 PM - Ido: i have some ideas on how to revamp the judging system
    10:57 PM - Ido: i should write them down sometime
    10:57 PM - Freyja: Yes seba
    10:57 PM - Freyja: Ido please do this contest
    10:57 PM - KubeKing4556: Hold on: making a thread now.
    10:57 PM - Ido: i wrote them down in that thread but i never really wrote a complete system
    10:57 PM - Auwi: for what kube
    10:58 PM - ynders??: maybe I'll do a contest sometime
    10:58 PM - Auwi: no an admin will do it
    10:58 PM - Seba: write me things and I'll put them in the staff forum ido
    10:58 PM - ynders??: I know: training map contest
    10:58 PM - Seba: or just pm the admins doesn't matter
    10:58 PM - Ido: ok uhh
    10:58 PM - ynders??: mwaahaha
    10:58 PM - Ido: i wont tonight
    10:58 PM - Freyja: No ido
    10:58 PM - ynders??: now people have to learn new things
    10:58 PM - Ido: and i'll probably be busy tomorrow
    10:58 PM - Freyja: Put it in the discussion thread
    10:58 PM - Freyja: for this exact topic
    10:58 PM - Freyja: That barely anyone used
    10:58 PM - Ido: im the last post in that topic atm
    10:58 PM - Ido: i think
    10:58 PM - Auwi: so an innovation contest then right
    10:58 PM - Ido: asym contest
    10:58 PM - Auwi: oh kk
    10:59 PM - Ido: innovation being a judging category
    10:59 PM - Ido: possibly
    10:59 PM - Freyja: asym contest with a focus on innoation
    10:59 PM - PyroDevil: ^
    10:59 PM - Freyja: innovation
    10:59 PM - [UEAK]Crash: that said, we should wait awhile before starting any new contests, imo
    Some general themes of the chat were to have a contest based on innovation, A/D, or asymmetry. If anyone wants to weigh down in the replies below, that would be very helpful and appreciated.
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  2. Moonrat

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    I like the idea of Innovation, that would be pretty cool.....
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  3. MegapiemanPHD

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    Innovation could be difficult since whats innovating to one person may not be to someone else. A/D already favors asymmetry due to the nature of the game mode. Out of those 3 options, A/D seems like the one that would make the most sense.
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    If your read the chatlog you notice we were discussing that and said that Asymmetry would be better because it allows people to attempt asymmetrical koth/cp/arena/whatever if they want to.
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  5. nightwatch

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    cp_innovation was pretty good I agree
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  6. Faux Rhinoceros

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    I'd say innovation should be able to be anything innovative - be it themes, gamemodes, etc etc
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  7. Berry

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    I say this every time the contest topic comes up, but I really agree that it'd be nice to see less of these weird super out there contests (2 skillsets, mercs vs aliens..) and more simple ones (do this/these mode/s, do this/these theme/s etc.)
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  8. Fr0Z3nR

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    Something that I was considering for everyone is to just NOT have a contest. Go, start your own map, make what YOU want, not what some contest dictates.

    EDIT: Should note, I'm not saying that we won't ever have a contest again. But I am saying that, not having a contest could be more beneficial. It lets you guys just do whatever you want without a contest looming over your head.
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  9. wareya

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    I'm just waiting for compilepal to update before continuing to work on dkoth_ironwill.
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  10. killohurtz

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    I agree, since simpler contests are more accessible to newer mappers who want to enter something without having to stray from official gamemodes and whatnot. Of course, those "weird" contests are always good for challenging the more experienced mappers, and it's cool to see what people come up with.

    That's an interesting thought, but I'm sure people still like to enter contests regardless, and if they aren't too specialized (like MVA) an entry can always be used to kickstart a new map if someone is out of ideas.
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  11. Fr0Z3nR

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    Thats what 72hr contest are for :D
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  12. Bakscratch

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    How about a finish a map contest? :V
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  13. KubeKing

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    TF2Maps Presents... The Release Candidate Contest!

    On a more serious note, I'd like to see a mapping-related-but-not-mapping mini contest, like "Best Addition to the Tutorials Section," "Best Addition to the Valve Dev Wiki," etc. And for a mapping contest, I'd like to see the asymmetrical idea put into action, or an A/D contest.
  14. Idolon

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    I'm writing up some ideas for the contest right now, and also trying to figure out a schedule. I'm thinking that the contest probably shouldn't start until April at the earliest, probably May.
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  15. BigBros

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    I would love to see something like the art pass competition again, didnt discover mapping during the time of that comp, and it looked really cool to participate in...
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  16. KubeKing

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    Oh, yeah! I also think that would be a great way to kickstart more communication between the community and Valve.
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  17. HQDefault

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    An idea I had was a 1 cp a/d map. It's rarely done, and IMO it could work.
  18. KubeKing

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    Yeah, that's definitely tricky, but I could see how it could turn into something fantastic, especially with some help in playtesting during the competition.
  19. Freyja

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    Like the detail contest that just finished? :x
  20. Crash

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    Probably means the Valve Artpass Contest.

    We tried to capture something similar to it while making it more open with the 2 Part contest but I don't think it was quite what you were looking for.