MVM Relic a3

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Comfortably mediocre
Dec 21, 2010
A1 update!

Please note that per Hydrogens request, nav and pop files are not packed into the bsp itself.

A1 features:
- Completed nav mesh with 11 different routes that the robots can take.
- Advanced placeholder mission from mannworks
- Probably too many pickups
- Flying scouts!
- Rude medic salesmen

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Comfortably mediocre
Dec 21, 2010


  • Renamed map to Relic
  • MAJOR changes to map layout
  • Currently 15 different bomb paths
  • Adopted Mayann theme
  • Implemented the robot launcher into a pyramid. A warning sound plus the robots visibly sliding down the stairs of the pyramid before being deployed means players now get ample warning of the shower ahead.
  • Light displacement and detailing started
  • Custom upgrade station
  • Light optimization
  • Swapped out the temporary mission for a harder one: Mannslaughter (lightly modified).
  • Simple 3D skybox

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Aug 8, 2010
So to expand a bit on what I said in the demo: I think the flanks go to wierd places, and are kind of hard for the players to access. This means that as scout, I was constantly trying to duck behind a heavy and finding myself on the other end of the map, or taking a long winding sideroute just to get up to a sniper.


Here, you can see that to flank an enemy at the blue or red dots requires me to walk almost the full distance across the map (and thats being generous with the interior section I can't remember.


This is less egregious but still irritating (and though I didn't note it in the screenshot, far worse in reverse.

I don't like this tunnel route. Firstly, its a wierd easy chokepoint to defend whenever the bots path through there, and secondly it leads so directly from one end to the other that its nearly useless as a flank. Several times I found myself going into it (from either end, but for an example here:)


And expecting to come out roughly where the red arrow is, but instead finding myself at the blue - and then needing to run all the way round the final arena and over the bridge to get back into the fight!


That screenshot above also shows why the snipers are such a pain at the final point - see how far i have to run to fight them? And how one or other of those routes will usually take me right through the main attack wave?

I think there's a fairly promising start here but overall its too twisty and complex: needs a certain amount of simplification.


Take a Chance on Me
Jul 31, 2016
I have created the Normal popfile for this map (titled as a3, as that is hoped to be the latest stable release right now)
Thanks for allowing me to contribute to such a great map!


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