help with hammer

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  1. CriticalFeesh

    Making the flag picked up icon different

    I need help editing the flag icon that appears at the bottom of the screen to the intel carrier. I dont know where to place the .vtf and I also dont know what to put in the "icon" field of the item_teamflag. I have tried putting it into my custom materials folder and linking the teamflag there...
  2. samuelkeller64

    Issues with vault door

    Relevant link: Trying to work on a payload map where the final point is at a large bank vault. Found this file and tried to open it, but it seems to crash Hammer every time I go into Model Viewer. Placed the...
  3. Mr. Piggens

    [Fixed] Screen is black when I load into map

    I'm very new to Hammer, so sorry if this is a beginner question. I was somehow unable to find anything on this when Googling, so I guess I just couldn't figure out the right keywords. When I load into my map in TF2, my screen is black, and if I move my camera around a bit I can sometimes see...
  4. DrSwagnuggets

    Can't Run Decompiled Stock Maps in Hammer

    Hello, I'm new to Hammer and I'm trying to get into map making, but I need some help solving a problem of mine. I've tried running decompiled versions of Hoodoo and 2Fort in the Hammer Editor for test editing, but I'm running into major issues I don't understand. For 2Fort, Hammer's Alt-P...
  5. BiiigSip

    How do you make a spawn room and respawn room change after a point is capped

    Hello I'm trying to add a second spawn room to my Payload map. Here is what I'm trying to do: Red has two spawn rooms, 1: the Initial Spawn, and 2: the Last Spawn. i want it so that red at the start of the match spawns in the 1st spawn room but after blue caps the 1st point they move back to...
  6. MMorangeHWM

    System Cannot Find File Specified (After toying with Boojum Snark, Puddy, Hammer ++)

    Downloaded Boojum Snark's Ultimate pack, but was informed to get Puddy's Small pack on top of that. I removed my ABS files using the remover tool in my files then placed the files in the right locations, but both packs weren't working as intended. I resorted to Hammer++, but when running the...
  7. SosenkaZPolski

    'The System Cannot Find The File Specified'

    Hi, Im new to mapping, and have a couple of issues. Im currently creating a mvm/payload map, but I cant compile anymore. Anyone know how to fix this? I used but I still cant figure out, whats wrong. Heres a copy of the log. Note: There are 2/3 custom props in the map, dont...
  8. samuelkeller64

    main_entrance_door issues

    I'm currently designing a map that utilizes cp_well's big doors and am running into an issue. So far it opens, but the door itself doesn't go into the frame like it's supposed to. Pictures provided. I thought it might be an issue with the func_door's origin, but modifying that doesn't seem to...
  9. a rapscallion

    Input/output objects disappearing upon loading the map

    When I run a map with input/output objects they just disappear.
  10. Crack Jack

    Small fix

    It's not much I just need a little bit of help moving the part in the picture all the way to the side since it's taking up a lot of room .
  11. Fancy Mango

    Deathrun trap help

    I'm starting to make a deathrun map and I want to make a trap about a falling platform by pressing the button, I tried other tutorials but I didn't work. So can anyone give me a simple tutorial to how to make a falling platform by pressing a button?
  12. Z

    kinda buggy skybox

    the skybox is enables you to see through a wall and its not supposed to. the first picture is from the outside and the second one is from where im looking at in the first
  13. True lemon

    only one of my respawnroomvisualizers is showing

    ive tried everything to fix it but it simply wont show. and the one that dosent show is the duplicate of the original
  14. SirGoldalot

    TC map project, (I need feedback and possibly help)

    I want my next mapping endeavor to evolve for more people than just myself, meaning I wanted to do a non ordinary map idea, a cool and interesting theme, and tackle a problem facing tf2, so I decided I wanted to fix territorial control... sounds daunting THINGS I WANTED TO KEEP -only 2...
  15. Gungle

    Help with displacements

    I have made in hammer a 8 sided cylinder displacements and wanted to make the top side also a displacement but it wouldn't let me turn it into a displacement. what to do?
  16. Call_Me_Meme

    I need some help with func_physbox entities.

    I'm trying to make a map with a lot of breakable materials using func_physbox entities. For some reason whenever I make a world brush into a func_physbox entity, it keeps reverting back to a world brush. Whenever I make it a func_physbox, everything seems to work normally but whenever I...
  17. DirectKEK

    Applying Textures Don't Work

    (I am completely new to this, and have absolutely no experience in map making whatsoever. Please disregard anything stupid I say.) So, I made a block, chose a texture, and hit enter. The block did not get a new texture, it just went from a blue frame to yellow. help
  18. technicaldifficulties

    I think my hammer is broken

    I just started mapping a while ago before the new patches for tf2, my hammer was fine then but after the recent patches my hammer shortcut was broken so i tried to fix it. When i got hammer working i tried to run the map i was working on and the map wont compile saying the compiler stopped...
  19. Donk

    Textures Not Moving; Despite Brush Entity Being Moved

    So, ever since around a week ago, none of my textures will move, despite the brush entity being dragged to a different place. Could anyone help me? I drew up an example, the Lines represent the textures, and the squares represent brush entities. I would very much appreciate any advice I can get...
  20. kufte

    Some errors I got fixed.

    Starting a 'Fast' compile. Starting compilation of D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Counter-Strike Global Offensive\sdk_content\maps\tate_statia.vmf Valve Software - vbsp.exe (Dec 15 2016) 4 threads materialPath: D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress...