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Mann Mall B3

3CP Attack & Defense inside a Mall

  1. Glubbable
    Mann Mall was a map created for the TF2 2017 Summer Jam.

    (I'm just reposting this here because apparently the Jam Entry variants are not allowed to be updated anymore so I'll provide further updates here!)

    The map is a 3CP Attack & Defend while the design of the map itself is a hybrid based from maps like Junction (Tight Indoor Combat), Steel (Anti-Rush/Mini-Setup Doors) & Goldrush (Spawn routes that'll become closed but could be used as surprise flanks if you wait in them).

    Credits for custom resources:
    Team Colored No Entry Signs by Myself
    Neutral Shipping Containers by Urban
    TF2 Urban Texture Pack by Fuzzymellow
    Overgrown Prop Pack by Pear & Crash
    Chairman by Rexy
    The TF2 Vehicle Prop Pack

    Feedback is always welcome, but keep note that I do plan a few things:
    1. Currently in the progress of detailing, not all areas are finished
    2. Skybox might get more detailing later on if feedback on the clients performance is still good while playing on the map


    1. 20170829090034_1.jpg
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Recent Reviews

  1. Benoist3012
    Version: B3
    Interesting & unique 3CP A/D Map
  2. Pigzit
    Version: B1
    Gameplay was a little choppy. However, overall the idea is so interesting and well executed I'd play on this even if I lost each game. Well done!