1. djmatt18000

    downdirt a4

    A 2cp Attack Defend map styled between a mix of dustbowl and gravelpit
  2. Dasprucegoose

    mstiggts stage 1 a4

    For Stack the Deck. Dish gone.
  3. robopan

    Battle-Bridge A2B

    I like medieval mode so much i decided to make a medieval map myself! The map takes place across a river and I tried to make the most out of its theme by using landmarks and height differences. I also added a cannon to make it easier for BLU to traverse the river and also to give the Market...
  4. heyyou

    cp_sandswept B13

    Sandswept is a 3cp A/D map taking place on a scarred landscape, an abandoned metal facility, with three crucial points waiting to be either defended or dominated. Sand has taken over the facility over time. A new old-school take on the control point mode, combining classic aesthetics and...
  5. Katsu! :3

    Holdout (A/D) b5d

    Howdy folks! As it turns out, testing a map with a completely new gamemode that has map logic problems unforeseen by the common eye tends to lead to a case of "how tf do I fix this," which is currently what's going on. So, for now, please enjoy this Gravel Pit-style A/D version of Holdout...
  6. Auwi

    Multi Stage Lamworth a11

    I had an itch to make a map so I figured I'd try out for the contest. 2 Stage a/d map set in a district of London. Designed for Major Contest #18: Stack the Deck. Gameplay Cards Featured: #1: Map has second stage #4: Active spawnroom directly below/above active objective (Red's stage 1...
  7. PureAdvantageCamel

    Barrow a6

    It got drained…
  8. Docteur Whoa

    CP Rocket Pad A4

    Classic 3CP Attack/Defend map set around a rocket and its launchpad. Current working title : cp_launchsite but it will be subject to change in the future. In their perpetual race for total victory against their rivals, RED set to launch a satellite to prepare for the space conquest. BLU must...
  9. PureAdvantageCamel

    Compost rc1

    RIVI: Several detail changes, original layout sketch, point B, Assorted details. CAMEL: Building of original layout sketch, texture decisions, that one part with the cable, spawns.
  10. Ismaciodismorphus

    Pines a2

    single stage a/d map 2 points, in canada or something idk
  11. PureAdvantageCamel

    Lunarcy a3b

    One fateful Halloween night, BLU team received an urgent mission: to defeat RED team at a spooky mansion in the woods. Tonight the MOON will rise. Note: 1. The moons are still weird, if anyone has a solution please comment or !fb.
  12. Pigzit

    72hr Jam 2023 Qanaa 72 a1

    Didn't have nearly as much time as I'd have liked this year, so I had to scrap the 3rd point altogether to get it gameplay ready in time. May go back and add the 3rd control point if I find a design I'm happy with before the jam ends. Overall still happy with the map, and had a lot of fun...
  13. H

    72hr Jam 2023 Burst A1

    A very basic 2CP A/D map, made for the 72hr Jam 2023. Was actually made in 48 hours since I couldn't start making my map for at least 24 hours... Not very proud of this one... maybe in the future I can improve it Looking to get feedback for now Planning to add more stages in the future...
  14. Spectλtor™

    72hr Jam 2023 cp_autumn_assault (BLU Spawn Only) 2023-09-16

    My first entry to 72hr Jam 2023! This is a a/d cp map that I plan to make in following months, and this is the brief layout of BLU spawn. Choose RED will cause u trapped in the house; Choose BLU instead. Author:https://steamcommunity.com/id/ImNotSpecNotes/
  15. Veltha

    Raygun A8

    Blu makes their way to red's facility as they attempt to stop their deadly lazer from firing on this three point attack/defense map! Also first map I guess Also also: super duper thanks to Acumen on tf2maps.net, as they're responsible for the awesome raygun (or beamgun, as they actually named...
  16. Kepler

    Ben Nevis - A/D CP A3

    Mann Co. has managed to build an entire mining town on the side of the Ben Nevis (behind it, so that the tourists can't see). RED has control of the mines currently, but BLU is looking to nab some of that sweet, sweet scottonium (a metal that allows Scots to inflict guaranteed critical hits on...
  17. scrly

    scrlypipesv2 A4A

    scrlypipes again! In a nuke aesthetic
  18. AllInTw0

    CoalControl a4

    Set in a coal mine area controlled by Red. A is near a Coal Tower B is at a Coal Washer Station C is at a Water Pump Station
  19. PureAdvantageCamel

    Loadingbay a1

  20. zythe_

    zytheidoiibo stage2 a2

    idolons stage from mc25, now being tested by itself.