1. Veltha

    Mainframe A3

    Like Haarp without instant caps. Special thanks to: Muddy https://tf2maps.net/downloads/attack-defend-ctf-hybrid-prefab.2489/ FanCyy https://tf2maps.net/threads/hardwood-forklift.49840/ AsG_Alligator https://tf2maps.net/downloads/computer_printer02.8765/
  2. djmatt18000

    cp_oversea a7d

    A tropical 3cp a/d single stage map im working on that is inspired by mercenary park leave some feedback!
  3. Veltha

    Strongchoke A3

    Inspired by OW approach to level desing in attack/defense type gamemodes. Special thanks for the custom props: FanCyy and Puinguin (Hardwood Forklift) https://tf2maps.net/threads/hardwood-forklift.49840/ Stiffy360 (Douglas Fir Trees) https://tf2maps.net/downloads/douglas-fir-trees.15367/...
  4. Brandini Panini

    Underway a12c

    Construction Themed Nighttime 3CP for Stack the Deck Gameplay Cards: 3. Map has at least one non-deathpit hazard 6. At least one spawnroom can change ownership 8. At least 3 objectives in a single stage 11. At least one objective under another, separate playable space 15. At least one of the...
  5. JayCatnip

    CP_DomeTower_B3 2023-10-03

    All future development of this map has been ceased.
  6. Revenant

    72hr Jam 2023 Claustrum a1

    Standin-style 3CP (all points unlocked, first team to capture all at once wins) map made for the 72 Hour Jam 2023. The layout emphasizes the use of multiple layers of elevation, with many potential spots to drop down or jump up between levels.
  7. maddie!

    72hr Jam 2023 3CP Tenement 72H

    A frantic 3CP map set between two dilapidated tenements in New York. Possible balance concerns (feedback needed!) Mid to last choke sightline possibly too long Defenders may spawn too close to point Mid unlock might be too fast Point capture time may need to be adjusted Known Issues: Visible...
  8. FatalError418

    Tank Corp. (Alpha 1) a1

    A modern warfare themed three control point single stage Attack/Defend map. There's lots of verticality and many flank routes. Relatively large for a A/D single stage map. At the start there is two flank routes and a strip of cover similar to 2fort's bridge, defended by high platforms and sniper...
  9. Veltha

    Raygun A8

    Blu makes their way to red's facility as they attempt to stop their deadly lazer from firing on this three point attack/defense map! Also first map I guess Also also: super duper thanks to Acumen on tf2maps.net, as they're responsible for the awesome raygun (or beamgun, as they actually named...
  10. icelandicmoose22

    cp_vague cp_vague_a6

    second map I have made : ). Inspired by Well, Nucleaus, and others for some areas of the map.
  11. fossiI

    Canyon Lab a1

    hopefully this one won't be mid!!! i tried, and it's been three years since i last tried to make a map for tf2; i will try my best to take critcisms into consideration and if all goes well turn it into an at the very least okay-ish map. (picture of the most blockout blockout ever attached)
  12. JayCatnip

    CP_DomeTower_A5 Alpha 5

    Made a lot of changes and improvements have been made since the last Alpha. No more ridiculous Sniper sightlines. I hope. And the tower now has an actual dome. Special thanks to the folks at TF2Maps, and Alexine, for providing much-needed feedback and critique.
  13. AllInTw0

    CoalControl a4

    Set in a coal mine area controlled by Red. A is near a Coal Tower B is at a Coal Washer Station C is at a Water Pump Station
  14. H

    Advance A1a

    My first attempt at making a map for a gamemode that isn't KoTH. Also my first map that wasn't made for events (like the 72hr Jam), and was actually made just because I felt like it. It's a simple 3-point A/D map. I hope I can improve this map even more and detail it in the future. Enjoy for now!
  15. dabmasterars

    Edge A10

    This is cp_edge - an Attack/Defend single-stage 3CP map set on rooftops with some verticality and a camera-monitor system. PLOT The BLU team has bought some office space in the middle of the Exsaust City. Everything seemed fine, until about two weeks after the purchase. That day, the...
  16. Freeze

    RockWall b1a2

    ist going to be a frosty themed map. 3 cp attack defend all that stuff the name is a place holder for now so if you have any ice names tell me
  17. Seacat08

    Crosstension RC2

    Cp_Crosstension is a 5cp map inspired by the Half-Life 1 deathmatch map "Crossfire" along with other bit's from that game. It has taken me 2 and a half months to make this. In Crosstension the mercs fight to capture the Grey Rock reasearch labrotorty in the middle of the New Mexico dessert...
  18. Kube

    TCDOM Gamemode Logic Prefab (VScript Edition) v01.02

    TC Domination implementation in TF2 VScript. Install instructions Drop tcdom_logic.nut into tf/scripts/vscripts. Make sure to pack it when ya compile. Bring everything from tcdom_logic.vmf into your own map. Enjoy! Gamemode info Capture all three control points to win! At round start, each...
  19. Aulli

    Wavecut a4

    Yes made for the Territorial Domination contest https://tf2maps.net/threads/unofficial-contest-territorial-domination-600-in-prizes.48433/
  20. Squaggies

    Watershed 2022-11-05

    A map themed around a hurricane