attack and defense

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  1. Kube

    TCDOM Gamemode Logic Prefab (VScript Edition) v01.02

    TC Domination implementation in TF2 VScript. Install instructions Drop tcdom_logic.nut into tf/scripts/vscripts. Make sure to pack it when ya compile. Bring everything from tcdom_logic.vmf into your own map. Enjoy! Gamemode info Capture all three control points to win! At round start, each...
  2. ArtZ

    Pinerock rc1

    2CP A/D map with an alpine setting. BLU pushes through a staging building to an open A courtyard and after sidewinding pushes up a hill to B, with buildings flanking either side.
  3. Rbstat

    fd_prefab 2023-01-01

    A prefab for my custom gamemode Flag Defense (or FD for short) Inside this you should find all the map logic to make the gamemode work. Most importantly being: * A set of three intel briecases with which blu team caps. (theres also a briecase for red but it's disabled by default) * A point...
  4. Roboto

    CPR A/D Race. release 1

    5CP is Control Point Tug of War, Not Attack/Defense Race. THIS is Attack/Defense Race. (While still similar to 3cp with extra steps) It has geometry similar to Payload Race maps with Point 1 being a near-free cap, Point 2 being on middle, and last being in the enemy base. Hard to capture.
  5. ArtZ

    Breachpit a6a

    Breachpit is a single-stage 2CP attack/defense map. The map starts with BLU pushing down from a high ground and culminates in a control point above a deathpit near RED spawn. This map is heavily inspired by Gorge. It also sucks
  6. squeezit

    Red Bounty (Attack/Defense) RC1

    Converted and updated Red Bounty (previously called Kinder, but changed due to too many funny and original comments) to single stage Attack/Defend mode. Based on reception from servers since I released the PL version for the contest, I think this layout is better suited for this mode. I feel...
  7. Agent Braise - SWG

    Uptrend a9

    My first serious try at an A/D map, and I thought I should finally upload another map here to have it tested. The map height trends upwards from point A to point C. Single stage map. 3 points.
  8. Will Alfred

    adctf_Holtzmann A9

    A Map made for the ADCTF contest back in 2021. MrModez / Setup Track for Team Fortress 2 Classic TF2C Team | Team Fortress 2 Classic's Dev Textures
  9. moo

    Monopod A11

    "What do you mean there is no more gravel in the Badlands? Screw it, let's go to Alaska!" - The Mann Brothers This map was made by Deloras in a forum post, so go give them the love and support they deserve. This is a repost so that way people can reliably download this wonderful map that should...
  10. Aapelikaeki

    cp_applecakey_mc16 A1

    Take a stroll trough a nice river town and end up in a secret base. Made for the 16th Microcontest with the challenge of exclusion zones. The map was constructed around pillars where there could be no gameplay space. Also fills the punch of having gameplay around 3 pillars. Uses a skybox from...
  11. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    cp_pleasedontsucklikemyothermaps a2

    Spoiler alert: it sucks like my other maps. Smallish CP A/D with 3 points. A map I've been working on for a long time, design is alright imo but we'll have to see what the playtesters think. I'll try my best to update and such.
  12. TheGhostThatWas

    Multi Stage High Plains A3_1

    Building from stage 3 outward. Currently this is only stage 3. Features: Wider routes Courtyards for combat along route (Stage 3 in particular) Layout tweaks New flank for attackers on point 6 New alternative routes between points 5 and 6 Defenders last spawn is farther back from the control...
  13. sunryze

    cp_booblol a2a

    This is my first A/D map so hopefully its not too underwhelming. I tried to balance spawn times with distance to control points however I will change it if it turns out to be unbalanced.
  14. HighFire

    SmithRush v1

    my first tf2 map, as short, simple capture points map, not very detailed.
  15. uwil

    undone A12a

    It's a 2CP A/D with a pool party, formerly 3CP... While also originally being 2CP...
  16. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    cp_under A2

    A small Control Points map taking place under Viaduct. The map is pretty simple at the moment, but the outcome of the match HEAVILY depends on how you Attack/Defend. A can be captured by Blu pretty easily, unless Red finds a good strategy. Opposite for B. Blu needs to push in as a team to cap...
  17. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    cp_barnyard A1

    An A+B=C cp map that has dynamic routes as you cap. Specifically, capturing A will close off a path for Red and open a new path for Blu. Capturing B will close off another path for red. This is meant to make it easier for Blu to push after they capture one of the points. (Red has a little of an...
  18. Plecostomus Bread

    Yakutat A4

    This is my second map and I'm looking for feedback
  19. I Darkstar X

    cp_beckoned_visitor A1

    --- It's another one of my I/O bosses. BIG thanks to Pdan for helping me on the mapper discord to figure out how to get the boss to move like it does. Some innovations compared to my other I/O bosses are as follows: -ITS ALIVE!! ALIIIIIVE!!! (It moves.) -Becomes invincible when no players are...
  20. I Darkstar X

    cp_perfectly_normal A4

    This map's theme is an incursion into a large and mysterious facility. While there, BLU will make things explode a lot as they try to trash the place, while RED tries to prevent all that from happening, of course. Indeed, I want to add a great deal of cinematic value to the map. (If I could...