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  1. Glubbable

    Magmafication A3

    My 72hr Jam Entry, a KOTH Medieval Map with Lava in it. Extra Lava not included.
  2. Glubbable

    Ricochet Fortress B3

    A recreation of the original Ricochet into TF2. With some slight differences such as power-ups and soldiers only! Deathmatch Gamemode Logic by Benoist3012 Ricochet Textures by Valve Software
  3. Glubbable

    Indoor Tennis B1A

    I made this because I didn't like the old tennis court map that's floating around in dodgeball. So I made a much larger tennis court just for dodgeball... tennis dodgeball.
  4. Glubbable

    Hellspawn B2

    Just a simple map with a hellish theme for dodgeball. Was mainly made a few monthss back for a test. Mainly to learn how to use light block brushes and auto-displacements.
  5. Glubbable

    Team Colored No Entry Overlays V2

    Just a basic color edit to the current no entry overlay in order to provide a blue version for blue spawns and a neutral one as a means to indicate one-way paths to players if all teams have access to said path. Depending on how its used will depend on how annoying or distracting it'll be to...
  6. Glubbable

    Mann Mall B3

    Mann Mall was a map created for the TF2 2017 Summer Jam. (I'm just reposting this here because apparently the Jam Entry variants are not allowed to be updated anymore so I'll provide further updates here!) The map is a 3CP Attack & Defend while the design of the map itself is a hybrid based...
  7. Glubbable

    Mann Mall A3

    I made a map for this years Summer Jam.