Magmafication A3

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Magmafication A3

Medieval, KOTH & Lava!

My 72hr Jam Entry, a KOTH Medieval Map with Lava in it. Extra Lava not included.
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Latest updates

  1. Magmafication A3

    - Added Catapult Pads in the lava pits to mid - Adjusted the Control Points Position - Extended Arrow Ignite Triggers on all Braziers - Added some more lighting a long the off-path - Moved the two observer points over the main route
  2. Magmafication A2

    - Increased Damage Taken from Lava from 25 to 50 - Replaced Ramps on Off-Path with Catapult Pads - Improved Spawn Room to mitigate Spawn Camping with Huntsman - Added 2nd Flank Route to Mid - Reduced Brightness of Lighting for HDR

Latest reviews

Amazing map! The ramps allow for demomen to get a good amount of charge, and to really fulfill their potential! It does however punish players who try to over achieve, by trapping them into death triggers! (Also, beautiful map ^^)