a/d 3cp

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  1. spruce

    CP Dachsnel

    spruce submitted a new resource: Dachsnel - A/D Bite sized Steel Badlands looking Dustbowl clone a la Mountainlab 3CP Read more about this resource...
  2. spruce

    Dachsnel A4

    Small linear 3 Points A/D Conceived and released in under 16 hours Map signature: "One of our employees ordered five times more arrow signs than necessary" Number of times last has been reworked: [2] Notes: The map might be chokier than it needs to be Changed All buildings were made first...
  3. Spenson

    Cp TinValley Alpha 10

    A single-stage 3 point attack defense map, set in a dis-used location of tin mining, with fun flanks, sightlines, areas for engineers and spies -carefully balanced for all classes
  4. zythe_

    zythegpit a9

    gravel-pit style attack/defend map with process theme.
  5. zythe_

    zythebeach a3

    shorelight 2
  6. Dr. Orange

    Orangepile a1

    A Gravel Pit-style attack/defense control points map that I made to get back into TF2 mapping. There are three control points; A, B, and C. The attacking team must capture both A and B, in any order, before they can capture C. The defending team must prevent the attackers from capturing the...
  7. Hweepo

    Emberrock a3

    my second map that I've gotten to publishing stage. my chief concerns are that it might be too open or poorly lit. Credit to: • Karsch for dark rock textures • Asd417 for recolored coalmines boulders • AsG_Alligator for TF2-ified HL2 rocks • MaccyF for mirrored mining rocks • Rexy for new rock...
  8. Tang

    cp_kodiak a5

    Uploaded at Alpha 1
  9. SunriseWatchWater

    Junction Assets A1

    - A 3CP Gravelpit-style Attack/Defend map with a spytech theme. Type Map Junction Assets, the frontline this is do you allright that's anyway. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack Special Thanks: Original map made by Heyo
  10. Waterfallx4(G.E.W.P.)

    cp_frostbay A1

    My secound map. It is the shipping part of my map trio (tallstorage, frostbay & crafterscore). It's a shipping company going from crafters core to tall storage, it needs some more geometry in the secound & third area, as well as the missing textures fixed. There is going to be 3 gamemodes in...
  11. SunriseWatchWater

    Highjapanese A1

    - A 3CP Attack/Defend map with a Japanese Theme. This is Map Highjapanese, l'm the japan to sakura, Okay. Custom Assets: Japan Content Pack The Frontline! Pack
  12. SunriseWatchWater

    Gravelpit Pro rc1

    - A 3CP Gravelpit-style Attack/Defend map with a industrial theme. This is Map Gravelpit Pro, l'm the gravel to like you're with a pit. Custom Assets: The Frontline! Pack The Construction Pack Alpine Rocks, fixed and mirrored by fubarFX
  13. Aulli

    Cairo A6a

    A three control point Attack/Defend, Blu starts in a riverside villa, and has to fight their way through the town to ultimately take control of the Dockyard and its floodgates, taking over the river shipping routes. Credits: Wooden double doors by 'Louie "Bakscratch" Turner' Arabian Market...
  14. Wilson

    Mannscape A34

    Invade CTF map featuring Yukon theme, death pits, poor gameplay and nipples. Made for Pick it up contest.
  15. .zip

    Fuzba a2a

    This is the first map for which I am not ashamed, I hope this map will last at this forum for a long time.
  16. Waugh101

    Bisti A2b

    Being my first Attack/Defend map, Bisti is a single stage, 3 Control Point map set in the Dustbowl theme. BLU fights for control of a RED mining facility, from the rural outskirts of the facility to the Shipping and Receiving to the refinery and main base of operations. BLU Spawn, along with...
  17. zythe_

    Cornfield a11

    [screenshots very outdated] Cornfield is a map that i made within 4-ish days and decided to upload. Also don't mind the tag line...
  18. zythe_

    id a1

    [PROJECT ABANDONED] Even though i have been toll'd its overscaled i still wanna give it a shot. The map is currently named "id" (in dev) due to the fact ive not come up with a name yet...
  19. P

    Dock Side a14

    Blu and Red fight over a port because they can
  20. Sor

    CP Rockliff

    Rockliff - A/D set somewhere with red rocks. Aplha map with a rockish/hydro theme. There is one custom dev texture "yellowpale" packed with the map.