attack and defense 3cp

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  1. Undercover Fish

    Sapwood B1

    3-point, single stage CP A/D map. BLU attempts to raid a logging operation ran by RED, extracting a suspiciously shiny sap from a valley forest. Planned theme/detail is alpine, transitioning through the map from run-down, shady, and wooden, to modern, concrete, and sunny. Sapwood isn't my first...
  2. Onionchurro

    waterworks a2

    An Attack/Defense map ive working for a bit, and plan on balancing and poloshing, a way more focused project than my last map "cp_bunkerbusters" that got lost after wiping my ssd another atk/def map that had enough side areas and flank routes for 2 maps over
  3. Hweepo

    Emberrock a3

    my second map that I've gotten to publishing stage. my chief concerns are that it might be too open or poorly lit. Credit to: • Karsch for dark rock textures • Asd417 for recolored coalmines boulders • AsG_Alligator for TF2-ified HL2 rocks • MaccyF for mirrored mining rocks • Rexy for new rock...
  4. Agent Braise - SWG

    Uptrend a9

    My first serious try at an A/D map, and I thought I should finally upload another map here to have it tested. The map height trends upwards from point A to point C. Single stage map. 3 points.
  5. Will Alfred

    adctf_Holtzmann A9

    A Map made for the ADCTF contest back in 2021. MrModez / Setup Track for Team Fortress 2 Classic TF2C Team | Team Fortress 2 Classic's Dev Textures
  6. moo

    Monopod A11

    "What do you mean there is no more gravel in the Badlands? Screw it, let's go to Alaska!" - The Mann Brothers This map was made by Deloras in a forum post, so go give them the love and support they deserve. This is a repost so that way people can reliably download this wonderful map that should...
  7. lue64

    cp_infiltration a3c

    Attack/Defense map i made for fun.
  8. sunryze

    cp_booblol a2a

    This is my first A/D map so hopefully its not too underwhelming. I tried to balance spawn times with distance to control points however I will change it if it turns out to be unbalanced.
  9. Mercia

    drycactus A7

    cant be bothered to make a description yet
  10. Cargo_Tokens

    Supercomputer A11b

    My entry into the 2020 Pick It Up! minicontest. adctf_supercomputer is an Attack/Defend Capture the Flag map with interactive elements that make this map more dynamic than my Dynamic Control Point entry. BLU Team is attempting to download the location of RED's secret plans hidden inside of...
  11. ThatGreenSpyGuy

    cp_barnyard A1

    An A+B=C cp map that has dynamic routes as you cap. Specifically, capturing A will close off a path for Red and open a new path for Blu. Capturing B will close off another path for red. This is meant to make it easier for Blu to push after they capture one of the points. (Red has a little of an...
  12. Waugh101

    Bisti A2b

    Being my first Attack/Defend map, Bisti is a single stage, 3 Control Point map set in the Dustbowl theme. BLU fights for control of a RED mining facility, from the rural outskirts of the facility to the Shipping and Receiving to the refinery and main base of operations. BLU Spawn, along with...
  13. Dr.TwentyTwo

    How to make a attack/defend map

    So I want to make a 3 cp attack/defend map but I don't know where to start with setting up the gamerules and what the logic entity for it is. also I'm sorry if this has been asked before but I couldn't find a thread covering this
  14. ThirdEye

    longus a1

    Longus, My first map focused on fun and active gameplay for every class. I designed this map with a plan to have the middle point being a constant fight and the last point being a difficult approach as the point is near the teams spawn. To win this game you either need great teamwork or for the...
  15. Frank1Tank

    Dusty Ruin A1

    RED have set up defences at the Tutanhattamann Pyramid and surrounding ruins, capture all three ruins as BLU to win, defend atleast the last point as RED to win the round.
  16. Darken Sensei [TeamPyro]

    cp_Redwood B2

    cp_Redwood is an attack and defend map with 3 control points ambiented in a sawmill-like complex or something, it's a bit small but that is what i want, a small cp map with action all over the place, hopefully
  17. DaveA62

    Townraid a2

    The Plan: Raid the town Break the bunker Blow up the base This map is currently in it's alpha stages, yes, it's going to look blocky for awhile until I get to detailing. Current Bugs/Things I need to fix: Red spawn is missing lights (even though I swear to god I had some) A few places need...
  18. toopliss

    Blackcomb A2

    A attack/defend control point map entry for the Connect 5 contest. BLU is trying to take control of RED's sawmill facilities and log resources while RED does whatever it takes to stop them.
  19. Glubbable

    Mann Mall B3

    Mann Mall was a map created for the TF2 2017 Summer Jam. (I'm just reposting this here because apparently the Jam Entry variants are not allowed to be updated anymore so I'll provide further updates here!) The map is a 3CP Attack & Defend while the design of the map itself is a hybrid based...