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Ricochet Fortress B3

A recreation of Ricochet, but in TF2.

A recreation of the original Ricochet into TF2. With some slight differences such as power-ups and soldiers only!

Deathmatch Gamemode Logic by Benoist3012
Ricochet Textures by Valve Software
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Latest updates

  1. Ricochet Fortress

    - Prevented players from trying to spawn camp from their own spawn - Added more platforms from spawn - Added a small health pack next to the platform leading up to high mid - Reduced Points per Player from 3 to 2 (72 max to 48 max) -...
  2. Ricochet Fortress B2

    - Added Respawn Room Triggers to the holding boxes for non-soldiers - Changed Regen Powerup to a make-shift Vampire Powerup - Removed Trigger Stun when players fall out of the map - Players now die as soon as they fall out of the map - Added 2...

Latest reviews

This is extremely fun and a good recreation of Ricochet in TF2.