Team Colored No Entry Overlays V2

No Entry Overlays but now with Blue & Neutral variants

  1. Glubbable
    Just a basic color edit to the current no entry overlay in order to provide a blue version for blue spawns and a neutral one as a means to indicate one-way paths to players if all teams have access to said path.

    Depending on how its used will depend on how annoying or distracting it'll be to players, so I have some in-game examples from Mann Mall!

    I've also provided a vmf for anyone who's not sure how to implement the neutral one, as I have it setup as an illusionary in the map, so that it appears but doesn't block anything.


    1. 20170819234226_1.jpg
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  1. Team Colored No Entry Overlays V2

Recent Reviews

  1. Zoomspilo
    Version: V2
    These look great. It helps to have these if you are in an area where it isn't clear that an area is for BLU or RED (like a team-specific shortcut) and also just makes a neat little touch for your maps. Definitely a neato custom overlay.
  2. shootingstar1
    Version: V1
    looking great
  3. Benoist3012
    Version: V1