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  1. Capybara Maps

    Tf2 Water with no drowning Effect

    Hello all. So I got back into Hammer a little bit (use Hammer ++ for this). I want to create a map where the drowning damage stays away from the water, that you can stay underwater infinitely long. I first used Trigger_Hurt for this, which is satisfactory but not perfect, as the player still...
  2. Hectic Morder

    achievement_idle_awesomebox10 1.0

    Hello everyone "Note" that this map is currently Still in testing This is an edited version of achievement_idle_awesomebox with lots of added content with inspiration from other edited versions of this map with my spin on it I felt with some of the other edited maps had areas where players...
  3. FateFighter

    Control point bug

    I have a problem that the control point works perfectly, it counts down when it can be occupied, but as soon as I touch the map and modify something, it no longer counts down, only the control point opens. What can I do to prevent this from happening every time?
  4. Gravidea

    Searching for a long lost map

    So I'm looking for a really old TF2 community map, and I've had no luck so far. I know it's silly, but I'm looking for a community made Minecraft TF2 map that I played almost 7-9 years ago when I first played TF2. I have a lot of fond memories on that map, but I don't know the name of it, and my...
  5. puxorb

    Brutal a1

    Deep in a pit of hard rock, surrounded by walls and objects of heavy metal, players battle over a single control point while loud music shakes the arena! Fire, sparks, big metal fans, and hazards themed to specific songs feature prominently in this music-focused map made for Crash's 2018 april...
  6. UmKlaiDet

    Nuva [PROP] 1.6

    Nuva model that i made for sfm but its a prop 4 LODs 7 skins Phys model (yeah its basically a normal prop) 8899 tris - LOD0 6849 tris - LOD1 4347 tris - LOD2 2866 tris - LOD3 SFM page
  7. koolmann


    ITS KOTH_BIGCITY WITH A TWIST NOW ITS BOTH DAY&NIGHT AND MOST OF ALL (PAINTED PURPLE) SELLING PURPLE VMF 30 KEYS can you get to the land in the sky? stop the evil tv man TryNow
  8. cyber

    Встречайте Удивительную команду! 2022-07-25

    Все участники коллаба
  9. SunnySideEggs

    koth_hydrostation 2022-07-25

    Small koth map made for the 22 Summer Jam Has bot support and a decent amount of details Hopefully it's also fun with other players. Changed the name from station to hydrostation because someone already used the name
  10. Durham.

    Pyro's Day Out!

    I completed this work in gmod today (25/07/2022) at around 15:00 as i have been suffering with Covid-19 for the past few days i had no chance to create something on the other 2 provided days.
  11. Blankoy

    NTFs 2022-07-25

    Just something I whipped up in a few minutes cause I thought it'd be fun to do for the jam
  12. Spektral

    Pyro's Graveyard Shift

    Submitted for the 72hour Summer Jam 2022
  13. Live4Fun7369

    Heatwave 2022

    The mercs are trying to cool off in a heatwave TF2 72H SummerJam Entry Software used:Source Filmmaker, Gimp, Paint
  14. 333res

    Process middle point in Minecraft. a2

    With some shaders.
  15. Cool Killer

    Summer Holidays in TF2 team 1

    I hope to you stay happy before looking my Artwork, thanks for looking, and have fun!
  16. Poke6W

    Backroom Encounter 72 hour jam 2022 2022-07-25

    This is a poster I made for the 72 hour jam Its my first time making something for the 72 hour jam My Steam profile:

    Sunset Relax 1

    This was made for 72hr Jam Here using Roblox and TF2 stuff and more of this was made or import by me (Most of that)
  18. Backslay

    Beaky Chap (Hat concept & model) 1.0

    A hat created and modeled by me. The design was also partially created by my friend, Beak. We are planning to add the hat to Steam Workshop, but for now, we just have the model. Links: My Steam Profile: Beak's Steam Profile...
  19. SSSmith


    OH, MY GOD! THIS IS A SANDWICH IN REAL LIFE I apologize for the mess and poor image quality. And one more thing... My mom helped me with this job :D Yes, I participate in 72 Hour Jam 2022
  20. ♦Lord_Ruchary♦


    My entrie for the TF2 SUMMER JAM 2022