What contest is after payload checklest?

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    *Cough* So uh, just curious, after the payload contest is all finished, when is the next official contest gonna be? I kind of regret not entering before, so I'm eager for the next contest.
  2. nesman

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    most likely would be summer jam from looking at the timelines of previous events. Just a guess however.
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    What nesman said. Contests are usually held with a gap of a few months at least between them. What the next contest will actually be, or even when it will be, is information only held by the staff (if they've even determined it themselves, which they might not have even begun planning the next contest yet, Idk how they plan that stuff), and information that they likely won't divulge until the start of or near the start of the contest.
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    The next major event is the Summer Jam. We may host smaller events in the meantime, but there is no guarantee. We are considering starting the next contest at the same time as the Jam, but again, no guarantee.
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