The 2015 Summer 72hr Mapping Contest!

Discussion in 'Contests' started by Idolon, May 27, 2015.

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    I hate to ask this but I doubt I'll be able to in the Steam Chat. Would it be possible to get a few more run through's cp_ace_72_a3 during a leftover test? I don't have much feedback on it from either nor the voting thread.
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    No guarantees, I'm afraid. The tests are more for voters to get a look at maps they haven't seen yet. However, you shouldn't have to worry about not getting feedback for much longer, because of deadline I'm about to announce way later than I should:

    Voting ends Sunday! 7pm CST. That's the start (midnight) of Monday in GMT. You can use to check when exactly that is in your own timezone. Make sure to have your votes in by then, because otherwise they don't count! Also make sure that you have at least 5 yes votes, because again, otherwise they don't count.

    After the deadline, I'll be tallying the votes and creating a list of the top 10 maps. These are the 10 maps that will be in the second phase of voting. When I announce the finalists in this thread, anybody who was eliminated from the competition will be able to update their map right then and there.

    NOTE: The announcement of the top 10 will not follow exactly with the start of the second phase voting. You don't have to wait until the voting thread goes up to update your maps.

    EDIT NOTE: I'll post the full listing of maps and their placements, not just the top 10.
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    Results are in! Here are your finalists:

    ctf_14bit_72_a6 by 14bit
    cp_mom_72_a1 by Idolon
    cp_snowlodge_72_b4 by phi
    cp_tidewater_72 by Roflman
    koth_cloudtop_72_b2 by Freyja
    cp_banana_a5 by Lain
    koth_egan_72_a5_fix1 by Egan
    cp_jess72_a4 by Ms. Mudpie
    koth_pughead_72_b1 by bakscratch
    cp_overgrown_b3 by UEAK Crash

    Congrats to the winners and their maps! It's been an arguably fun and certainly long journey to this point, and it isn't over yet. These maps will undergo a second round of more thorough inspection, with input from a panel of judges. That's right, guaranteed in-depth feedback!

    For anyone who didn't make the cut, there is a bright side: you can update your maps without fear of disqualification! Feel free to publish any new versions of your maps for testing.

    The results are also available in bar graph form, as well as an ordered list so you can see exactly where you stack up against the competition:

    1st: Cloudtop (13 votes)
    1st: Pughead
    3rd: Snowlodge (12)
    4th: Mom (11)
    5th: Egan (10)
    6th: Tidewater (9)
    6th: Jess
    8th: 14bit (8)
    8th: Banana
    8th: Overgrown
    11th: Tornadoom (7)
    11th: Gunfight
    11th: Kalt
    14th: Timber (6)
    15th: Blandsjapan (5)
    15th: Suomimies55
    15th: Contour
    15th: Slaughterhouse
    19th: Valleyhamlet (4)
    19th: Garden
    19th: Ace
    19th: Zippycewpew
    19th: Maccyf
    24th: Kubeking (3)
    24th: Basin
    26th: Nixonsummer2015 (2)
    26th: Wormatty
    26th: Displacement
    26th: Duststroll
    26th: Turf
    26th: Sakura Hill (opted out, but it got votes!)
    32nd: Peasant (1)
    32nd: Trotim4
    32nd: Spacebase Nioxed72
    32nd: Woolfe
    32nd: Track Point
    32nd: Way
    32nd: Clocktower
    32nd: Hazzmando
    32nd: Sinkhole
    32nd: Estuary
    42nd: Waterock (0)
    42nd: Frostgale
    42nd: Powerplant
    42nd: Intersect
    42nd: Scamper
    42nd: Crop
    42nd: Ra
    42nd: Watertower
    42nd: Coelslaw
    42nd: Trestle
    42nd: Echo
    42nd: Turbulence
    42nd: Altwine
    42nd: Cargo
    42nd: Zespice15
    42nd: Transpose
    42nd: Cowcanyon
    42nd: Gremlin
    42nd: Rocket Pit
    42nd: Mangoe
    42nd: Gravelroof
    42nd: Mayan
    42nd: Safari
    42nd: Rocktown

    So, when does the 2nd phase of voting start? Expect it soon. Sit tight!
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    TFW map needed just one more vote to be in second phase.
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    Yay! I made it in 26th place! That's actually better than I expected...
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    Congrats to the finalists! a 72hr map is something I can't do so you've all impressed me.

    Should the server rotation be adjusted now?
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    I get a fuzzy feeling knowing I got 2 votes despite opting out. Congratulations to everyone that made it to the second judging phase!
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    Wait, does this mean I can actually fix my map now?
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    Hmm too bad idolon didn't say anything ab--

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    I goofed up and told someone they could update their map when I probably shouldn't have, so I'm opening this up to all of the finalists: If you have any bugs in your map that aren't game breaking (missing clipping, broken gamemode logic that's still playable, players spawning inside of each other, etc.), hit me up with what the issue is via PM and I'll let you know if you can fix it.
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    Okay, so who won?
  13. Geit

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    Phase two voting ends this Sunday, so make sure you get your votes in before then. We're on the home stretch!

    Also note: finalists' votes don't count. Sorry!
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    7 months later, prizes have been finally distributed to the winners.
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    That explains why 72hr jam has no prizes
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