TF2 update for 11/2/16 (11/3/16 UTC)

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    Via HLDS:

    • Added the GA'lloween 2016 community event medals
    • Fixed sv_shutdown not working for community dedicated servers
      • All servers now enter hibernation state when they are empty and have no remaining work, which informs commands such as sv_shutdown
      • Added tf_allow_server_hibernation (default: 1) to allow disabling hibernation state
      • This should generally only be necessary if running server plugins that are not compatible with hibernation
      • Added sv_shutdown_cancel to cancel a pending shutdown
    • Updated the truce period during Halloween boss fights
      • Players are no longer affected by the truce when in their spawn room, allowing them to fight their way out if necessary
      • Sappers can no longer be used while a truce is active
    • Updated the "tiny" spellbook spell
      • Fixed a case where players could get outside the world
      • Fixed not switching Heavies to their melee weapon
    • Updated player destruction mode so the "Team Leader" does not heal teammates while in the Underworld
    • Fixed Halloween contract reward items not being craftable
    • Fixed Strange Human Cannonballs and Strange Battery Canteens not tracking stats
    • Fixed Casual search criteria being saved automatically while connecting to a server
    • Fixed a case where players could suicide on a pumpkin bomb to gain progress on certain Merasmissions
    • Updated the equip region for the Spine-Chilling Skull
    • Updated pl_fifthcurve_event (Brimstone)
      • Fixed exploit where players could get under the map near BLU starting area
      • Fixed exploit where players could get out of the map near graveyard
      • Fixed exploit where players could enter RED base as BLU
      • Fixed some skeletons running into lava when there are no enemies in Hell
      • Fixed medieval tiny spell & other Merasmus voice spells lasting too long for some players
      • Fixed big ghost getting stuck when map ends
      • Fixed a spot where players could get stuck if entering it under Tiny spell
      • Fixed another case of non-solid pumpkin
      • Tuned respawn time for RED team at last area
    • Updated cp_sunshine_event (Sinshine)
      • Fixed multiple visible nodraws and other texture bugs
      • Fixed nonsolid pumpkin in lobby
      • Fixed trigger bounds in RED spawn
      • Various lighting changes
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    Watch, the bot's gonna post this 0.9 seconds after I do.
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    Huh, I wonder why the bot didn't reply to this thread like last time.
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    Bot Repellent! TM
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    The title is different.

    Also, why bother posting the update info when the bot will do it automatically a few minutes later? It was funny the first time, but really just a waste of time/effort in general.
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    The bot didn't reply to the thread, a staff member merged the threads together.
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    Is this a thing now, trying to head the bot off at the pass whenever there's an update?
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    silly humans, grasping for any straws to extend their illusion of superiority over artificial intelligence just for another fleeting day