21Gorge a4

21-point CP

  1. Mikroscopic
    It is clear that 5cp is the most popular game mode in competitively play due to its abundance of control points. Having 5 control points in one map allows for a larger variety of gameplay styles and combat moments, with teams often switching between defense and offense on a whim. This keeps players on their toes and results in a more interesting competitive experience than maps with only one (KOTH) or two (A/D) points. In simple terms, more points = more map = more fun.

    With this in mind, cp_5gorge seems to be somewhat of an outlier in the competitive scene. Despite meeting the standards of having 5 points, it is still much less popular than other maps such as Badlands and Process. Why is this? It may be that its layout is lacking in what many competitive players value in most 5cp maps. Yes, there is no spire... but the map also has a lot of unused space with its width and long flanks that takes focus away from the objectives, and the forward spawns are placed in odd locations far from the active control points, making it harder for attackers to push as the round progresses.

    From these observations, I have realized that it may be possible that 5gorge does not have enough points. Yes, it may sound strange, but I believe that the addition of more control points would fix many of the issues that plague the current iteration of symmetrical cp gorge. It would fill up much of the empty space, create a more focused main route through the map, and no spawn location would be too far from the objective.


    cp_21gorge features the addition of 16 additional control points. Other changes include:
    - Increased capture rates to promote fast-paced back and forth combat
    - Decreased respawn times to aid attackers in pushing and prevent stalemates
    - Updated signage to support the new objectives

    Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggest improvements!


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Recent Reviews

  1. TheFluffycart
    Version: a4
    Yes, just yes. I played this map on the server and I gotta say, it was really fun and fast paced!
  2. skaztf
    Version: a4
    really good