Autumnull RC2_final

An MvM map set somewhere

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  1. nav issues are eternal
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  1. Anonymous
    Version: RC2_final
    Had a chance to play this recently and enjoyed it more than I thought I would. I think some surfaces look bland like the soho street, flat walls, boxy geometry, unconvincing window wall brushes. I thought the lighting looked dull in shady spaces, ugly monotone. So I'm not a fan of the visuals, but I did like all the passageways and lanes to sneak through cover with.

    I didn't find Autumnull memorable since the robots mostly traveled down one street a lot of the time. I think they get a fork in the road inside the building, but by then it's too late or RED holds them off anyway. My favorite spot would have to be the sniper balcony before the bomb hatch. That was a great retreat spot as Spy, though I noticed Sniper bots seemed to get stuck climbing a crate.