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  1. Smg065

    Fixing an upload?

    Hi. I'm new to this website. I made my first public alpha map and uploaded it to the website, but accidently uploaded the version that wasn't repacked. I figured it wasn't a big deal, and after reading the threads for help, I posted an updated version that was properly repacked. However, the...
  2. The_Gl!tch.exe

    Upload Problem

    Hello there, I want to post an update of my map with "Post Download Update" but I have problems uploading the new map file. Everytime I select the map it loads but after a while nothing happens and sometimes the file even gets removed and it says there's no file selected. The map inside the...
  3. Dead Plant

    3 Most wanted features for hammer

    Hammer is officially almost 20 years old at this point, and as everyone who's made a map knows- it most certainly shows its age. Even though it's incredibly unlikely we will ever get an updated hammer that supports Team Fortress 2, I am still going to list off everything that I'd like to see in...
  4. Erk

    Jungle Inferno Update Library A1

    As the title says, everything that's in the Jungle Inferno update ready to be used. This is all of the textures used, that I could find at least, and I've got the both the cheap and expensive water textures used, all the displacements showcasing their displacement-ness, sky textures, and...
  5. pennsyrail

    Missing vrad_dll.dll

    Hello y'all, and thanks in advance for your help. Upon building a small map to test the look of certain objects in the game and compiling, I get this error; vrad_launcher error: can't load vrad_dll.dll The specified procedure could not be found This has never been a problem since before the...
  6. Phanpy100

    Updating steam workshop

    i just released my first map on the steam workshop just to realise i put decals in the map instead of overlays, i can't find a guide on How to update a steam workshop item so what do i do? (If your wondering what the map is its koth_hillworks and will be getting a tf2maps release after i updated it)
  7. Billo

    making a sky island floating up and down.

    how can i do a sky island ( a small one ) floating up and down? and also i would like to ask you, sky fortress is a acceptable name for the update? because i was looking for some guys to help me with music or animations and some of them told me about the saxxy 2014 sky fortress animation. and...
  8. Erk

    TF2 update for 11/2/16 (11/3/16 UTC)

    Via HLDS: Added the GA'lloween 2016 community event medals Fixed sv_shutdown not working for community dedicated servers All servers now enter hibernation state when they are empty and have no remaining work, which informs commands such as sv_shutdown Added tf_allow_server_hibernation...
  9. Billo

    Sky Fortress project discussion

    Hey Guys! i Really Wanted To Update You Guys And Showcase What some Guys And i Are Working On. This called Sky Fortress (we can change The name if it Is not Suitable, thats Not A problem) so what is SkyFortres? its A Community made Update We Are Working On And It isnt Ready Yet. This Is Just an...
  10. Erk

    Team Fortress 2 Update Released

    "Via HLDS: Extended Scream Fortress VIII to run through November 16th, 2016 Fixed a problem causing some players to receive the incorrect number of Merasmissions Players should receive one Scream Fortress VIII Merasmission per day of the event, for a maximum possible of seven as of today...
  11. Billo

    The Last Stand! A Community Made Update

    Please Visit Out Website Here: http://gamerzbh.wixsite.com/thelaststand This Is A Medieval Community Made Update For Team Fortress 2. You Can Find The Workshop Collection Here : http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=697178418 And Here Is The Link For The Last Stand Group...
  12. Joshenkstone


    [Deleted] Reason: "I was a dumb lil' boy back in the days"
  13. AlexCookie

    Update ABS's .fgd

    Report all issues with ABS's fgd, so I can fix them. info_player_teamspawn class flags
  14. Aeix

    arena_stelae b5

    Here is a Mayann themed areana map I decided to make, since I figured I would have a shot at the theme while the hype was around! ;) Essentially, fighting takes place around several Mayan "stela" (fancy carved stone blocks) with a big one in the middle of the arena. When the point becomes...