Brugge RC4B

An MvM map set in Belgium.

  1. Startacker!
    Brugge is a map started by @Dayal , I've picked it up and will be continuing its development.

    It's detailed

    screenshot_belfry.jpg screenshot_front.jpg screenshot_bridge.jpg screenshot_road.jpg

    mission_flemish_feud_alt.png mission_sparkbag_subroutine_alt.png mission_funeral_toll_alt.png mission_colonial_chocolate_alt.png

    Uses the following custom content:

    Vineyard Ivy by Dr. Spud
    Delivery Van by evil knevil and Nassim
    Frontline! windows by Colteh
    Frontline! tiles by Fuzzymellow
    Watergate windows by BANG
    City Grates by Fuzzymellow
    Construction Pack wood textures by Ravidge
    Urban Doors by Necr¤â
    Autumn Brick Textures by Berry
    Birch Trees by NeoDement
    Other Frontline Assets by Zoey, Square, and Donhonk
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  3. Bug fixes!

Recent Reviews

  1. WanderingDudeTheMapper
    Version: RC4B
    Really nice design just like many other famous maps! Will credit you and add this to my server!
  2. Anonymous
    Version: RC4B
    Gives me a CS:S vibe, which i like, cool.