Brugge B4

An MvM map set in Belgium.

  1. Startacker!
    Brugge is a map started by @Dayal , I've picked it up and will be continuing its development.

    Halfway detailed, layout is subject to changing drastically. This download comes with the map, nav, and advanced difficulty popfile, which also needs testing.

    20190314151241_1.jpg 20190314151247_1.jpg 20190314151255_1.jpg 20190314151303_1.jpg


    Uses the following custom content:

    Vineyard Ivy by Dr. Spud
    Delivery Van by evil knevil and Nassim
    Frontline! windows and tiles
    Watergate windows by BANG
    City Grates by Fuzzymellow
    Construction Pack wood textures
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