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KotH Slasher RC2

An all-out Halloween Boss Roulette Rumble set in a haunted lakeside campground!

  1. Void

    aa Void Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say

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    Slasher - An all-out Halloween Boss Roulette Rumble set in a haunted lakeside campground!

    Welcome to Camp Saxton!

    Summer may be over, but the Halloween hauntings of autumn have just begun, and they're all back - with a vengeance! Slasher revolves around a custom boss battle roulette system - every two minutes, a new randomized threat will spawn to take on the players and fight them to the death! The system randomly cycles between Zepheniah Mann, Skeletons, Skeleton Kings, the Horseless Headless Horsemann, Monoculus, and Merasmus - all of which will fight to the bitter end or until the next boss battle is cycled in!

    Along with the roulette system, Slasher also features the classic Halloween staples of years' past. Death pits, Pumpkin Bombs, and spells - common and rare - all lend a hand in spicing up Slasher's classic King of the Hill gameplay.

    In a love letter to Team Fortress 2's Halloween updates, I hope to make Slasher the best it can be, so try it out and let me know how it is!

    Happy [early] Halloween!
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  2. radarhead

    aa radarhead Oh?? You're a TF2 mapper? Where's your fursona

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    Void, I love your camp theme.

    It looks so good, even in an A1 state. I can't wait to test this one.
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  3. Solaire

    aa Solaire Guinea pig mom

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  4. Diva Dan

    aa Diva Dan hello!

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    I was stalking your Twitter over this map, it looks so incredible and promising!
  5. Uncuepa

    aa Uncuepa

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    Holy shit I want to make my own camp map now :D this looks amazing!
  6. Muddy

    aa Muddy Muddy

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    unable to map, my ass
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  7. The Letter Before A

    The Letter Before A Cool Idiot

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  8. puxorb

    aa puxorb L69: Emoticon

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    Love the high-contrast textures. That wood is super sexy.
  9. Erk

    aa Erk erk

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    Please, keep doing the maps. Think of the children.
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  10. Void

    aa Void Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say

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    Made a lot of changes to Slasher to make it closer to the best it could be, hopefully its worth the wait! Here's what's changed:

    - Added a 1 minute cooldown between Boss Roulette spins. The first spin is 90 seconds after the round starts.
    - Clipped death pit exit point out of the tower at mid.
    - Slightly widened sides of mid.
    - Increased length of the lower parts of mid, adding an additional building area and changed the placement of the full health and ammo.
    - Expanded size of the mid building along with its capture area.
    - Reduced capture time from 12 seconds to 8 seconds.
    - Blockbulleted gaps in bridges on either side of mid, along with changing a few playerclips to blockbullets on a few sets of stairs.
    - Blocked off the Boss Spawn to both teams using visualizers, and added funneling for the Bosses to fix them from sometimes going into the water after spawning.
    - Widenend hallway entrances to mid, removing the top hallways in exchange for semi-open decks.
    - Revised the central cabin overlooking the point.
    - Removed Rare Spellbook. It will return once the Underworld is added as a reward for escaping.
    - Widened the yards on either end of mid and added a ramp up the natural high ground opposite of the water.
    - Skeleton spawns are now scattered throughout mid, rather than coming from the docks. When the Skeleton King spawns, he and his escorting skeletons will still spawn at the docks.
    - Revised the buffer zones between spawns and yard, along with additional changes to the spawn areas, making them larger.
    - Fixed Resupply cabinets clipping through surrounding walls mid-animation.
    - Fixed clipping under spawn stairs to keep camping players using the Minify spell out.
    - Removed medium health kits from shacks at top of Mid, and put them in the place of the spell that had been on the edge of the death pit.
    - Added spellbooks to the new deck areas, along with the area under the bridges.
    - Added the additional gameplay mechanics of Merasmus' prop hunting and additional attacks, along with Bombinomicon head stunning.
    - The point is now locked and the timer is paused when Merasmus, Monoculus, or the Horseless Headless Horsemann are active. The point will unlock and the timer for the owning team will resume if the boss leaves after two minutes, or is defeated by players - whichever comes first.
    - Added a second Ghost to increase effectiveness on players when active.
    - Added shallow water underneath the bridges. Deep enough to extinguish flames, shallow enough to still be able to use spells.
    - Added spectator cameras.
    - Added medium health and ammo to the yards.
    - Added Polycount pumpkins courtesy of Rogue13.

    Happy [early] Halloween!

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  11. Penguin

    aa Penguin Clinically Diagnosed with Small Mapper's Syndrome

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    looks really really pretty
  12. 【EmNudge】

    【EmNudge】 L4: Comfortable Member

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    Can't wait to play this; It's beautiful!
    Keep the map work coming, I really want to see this officially added.
  13. Void

    aa Void Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say

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    I barreled through this really fast to pump out Beta 1! Here's what's changed!

    - Full detail pass!
    - Full clipping pass!
    - Reduced normal Skeleton count from 12 down to 6.
    - Fixed clipping on the gates under the bridges.
    - Expanded top half of the cabin overlooking the point to be wider.
    - Adjusted steepness and width of various sets of stairs throughout.
    - Added another cover rock to the lower half of the yards.
    - Closed the doors that were open partway at the middle towers.
    - Optimized various assets that worked for what they were in the Camp Redmond detail entry but needed updates in order to not take a toll on gameplay space.
    - Opened up the bridges slightly.
    - Updated various assets from Camp Redmond to not disappear when the origin was out of view.
    - Added a truce when Monoculus or Merasmus are active. Thank you Valve for the new inputs to make this possible!
    - Removed the Horsemann's ability to lock the cap when active.
    - Added the Underworld!
    -- Players can passively enter the underworld at any time, entering through the vortex in the cabin. This will be the longest route out of the underworld, however.
    -- Players will also be teleported to the Underworld through portals left behind by Monoculus and Merasmus.
    -- While in the Underworld, players will have to make their way to the exit before it kills them. There are health kits throughout to survive.
    -- Along with slaying the Skeleton King, through the Underworld is the only way to gain a rare spell.
    -- Upon exiting the Underworld, the server will be notified, and the player will be granted a 3 second speed and health boost.
    - Fixed resupply cabinets clipping through some of the surrounding props.
    - Restored small health kits overlooking mid.
    - Added rocks in place of trees in the lower half of mid to work as better cover and more optimized assets.

    Read the rest of this update entry...
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  14. EArkham

    aa EArkham Necromancer

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    Need to workshop this, like, yesterday. Heh. Would really hate to see a reskin in the update when we could have something this nice instead.
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  15. Void

    aa Void Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say

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    Ask and ye shall receive!
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  16. CielFreeman

    CielFreeman L1: Registered

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    I found a noticeable bug with the underworld "creature" eyes while looking up in the main part of the map. (AKA: The Camp.) [​IMG]
  17. Void

    aa Void Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say

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    That's been an interesting bug that I can't quite figure out. It happens for some, but not all, and nobody is quite sure why.
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  18. Zed

    aa Zed Certified Most Crunk™

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    It's a feature™
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  19. ics

    aa ics http://ics-base.net

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    I tried to say this on workshop page but just incase it gets missed, the edict count is too high and will cause map crashes when servers are full and things happen.

    Another thing is the framerate. If i get 100'ish now and on actual server half of that or even below, some with even worse machines than i will have heavy difficulties to play.

    Map looks nice but the detail, effects or something eats that up. Map layout is simply too open.
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  20. Void

    aa Void Local Man Unable To Map, Sources Say

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    Here's some changes to the map to make it better for everyone! Check it out!

    - Raised cap area slightly to cut sightlines.
    - Closed previously open large gate to mid towers.
    - Revised design of lakeside mid buildings and upper mid bridges to benefit optimization.
    - Removed railing from upper mid bridges and added a short balcony in its place.
    - Increased optimization overall.
    - Rearranged some detailing for visibility purposes.
    - Removed shallow water puddles at the base of mid.
    - Fixed a bug where the cap would be locked and the timer paused when a player casted the Mini-Monoculus rare spell.
    - Changed water in the lake to be better optimized.
    - Fixed a bug where the eyes in the Underworld would sometimes render in the sky of the Overworld.
    - Fixed some bleeding on a few displacements.
    - Detailing updates.
    - Increased Ghost speed by 50%.

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