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Slasher RC2

An all-out Halloween Boss Roulette Rumble set in a haunted lakeside campground!

  1. Void
    Welcome to Camp Saxton!

    Summer may be over, but the Halloween hauntings of autumn have just begun, and they're all back - with a vengeance! Slasher revolves around a custom boss battle roulette system - every two minutes, a new randomized threat will spawn to take on the players and fight them to the death! The system randomly cycles between Zepheniah Mann, Skeletons, Skeleton Kings, the Horseless Headless Horsemann, Monoculus, and Merasmus - all of which will fight to the bitter end or until the next boss battle is cycled in!

    Along with the roulette system, Slasher also features the classic Halloween staples of years' past. Death pits, Pumpkin Bombs, and spells - common and rare - all lend a hand in spicing up Slasher's classic King of the Hill gameplay.

    In a love letter to Team Fortress 2's Halloween updates, I hope to make Slasher the best it can be, so try it out and let me know how it is!

    Happy [early] Halloween!


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Recent Reviews

  1. ShadowMan44
    Version: RC2
    I literally contradicted myself there. Now that it's been updated for this year's scream fortress, it's actually not bad. Removing the truce during the bossfights and shaving the time down to 6 minutes has significantly improved the gameplay. Though, I still feel like 6 minutes is a little too long for a map like this, 5 minutes could probably work fine, if not better because bosses don't take forever to spawn. I know that there's the joke of Merasmus being impatient with the round being so long, but again a minute didn't affect the gameplay all that much when you shaved one off.

    I really love the Friday the 13th campground setting with the "Saxton Hale" totem poles, the layout itself is actually not bad either.

    This map's certainly not bad these days, but maybe shaving off another minute to the timer might improve it even further.
  2. Retro_Game_kid
    Version: RC2
    So glad VALVe added this map to the game it is just so much wacky fun
  3. Joshenkstone
    Version: RC1
    "hmm good stuff" -Heavyweaponsguy on slasher.
  4. Billo
    Version: B2
    amazing just unbelievable fun and beautiful
  5. λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    λ HALF-LIFE 3 λ™
    Version: B1
    this looks good cant wait to play with it on my server
  6. Butterham
    Version: B1
    Absolutely amazing map! It has it's own theme with a spooky camp and it fits! Very original and I would love to see it added!