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Slasher RC2

An all-out Halloween Boss Roulette Rumble set in a haunted lakeside campground!

  1. The One Where Slasher Rises From The Dead For Scream Fortress 2017

    New and improved for consideration for this year's Scream Fortress event! A lot can happen in a year, and Slasher is back with a vengeance. There might be a few more tweaks to go here and there, but this is the big update from the last few months of on-and-off work! Here's what changed:

    - Fixed a bug where spell-casted Merasmus will have the same effect on the capture point as the Boss Merasmus - i.e. locked, timer paused, etc, courtesy of a fix from Valve.
    - Merasmus now doubles as an...
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  2. RC Stands For Rather Creepy

    Wew! More changes! Release candidate state!

    - Fixed clipping in mines where players could previously get through the barrier.
    - Fixed a bug where Engineers could build teleporter exits in the bonfire.
    - Fixed various texture and displacement seams.
    - Fixed a bug where Ghosts would get stuck in a few displacements.
    - Adjusted teleport time of the Ghosts.
    - Fixed missing fence on RED side.
    - Optimized fade distances on select props.
    - Swapped select expensive models in place of brushwork.
  3. Boo! x2

    Here's some changes to the map to make it better for everyone! Check it out!

    - Raised cap area slightly to cut sightlines.
    - Closed previously open large gate to mid towers.
    - Revised design of lakeside mid buildings and upper mid bridges to benefit optimization.
    - Removed railing from upper mid bridges and added a short balcony in its place.
    - Increased optimization overall.
    - Rearranged some detailing for visibility purposes.
    - Removed shallow water puddles at the base of mid.
    - Fixed a...
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  4. The Scariest of them all! Beta!

    I barreled through this really fast to pump out Beta 1! Here's what's changed!

    - Full detail pass!
    - Full clipping pass!
    - Reduced normal Skeleton count from 12 down to 6.
    - Fixed clipping on the gates under the bridges.
    - Expanded top half of the cabin overlooking the point to be wider.
    - Adjusted steepness and width of various sets of stairs throughout.
    - Added another cover rock to the lower half of the yards.
    - Closed the doors that were open partway at the middle towers.
    - Optimized...
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  5. Roulette Revisions and Various Additions

    Made a lot of changes to Slasher to make it closer to the best it could be, hopefully its worth the wait! Here's what's changed:

    - Added a 1 minute cooldown between Boss Roulette spins. The first spin is 90 seconds after the round starts.
    - Clipped death pit exit point out of the tower at mid.
    - Slightly widened sides of mid.
    - Increased length of the lower parts of mid, adding an additional building area and changed the placement of the full health and ammo.
    - Expanded size of the mid...
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