Slasher RC2

An all-out Halloween Boss Roulette Rumble set in a haunted lakeside campground!

  1. Boo! x2

    Here's some changes to the map to make it better for everyone! Check it out!

    - Raised cap area slightly to cut sightlines.
    - Closed previously open large gate to mid towers.
    - Revised design of lakeside mid buildings and upper mid bridges to benefit optimization.
    - Removed railing from upper mid bridges and added a short balcony in its place.
    - Increased optimization overall.
    - Rearranged some detailing for visibility purposes.
    - Removed shallow water puddles at the base of mid.
    - Fixed a bug where the cap would be locked and the timer paused when a player casted the Mini-Monoculus rare spell.
    - Changed water in the lake to be better optimized.
    - Fixed a bug where the eyes in the Underworld would sometimes render in the sky of the Overworld.
    - Fixed some bleeding on a few displacements.
    - Detailing updates.
    - Increased Ghost speed by 50%.


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