emulate the de_ mode of cs in tf2

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    Hey guys I rebuit some dust2 like map and would like to get the gamerules set up right
    my attempt to realise this has been
    blu team attacking red team defending

    both teams can win by eleminating the other team
    arena mode

    1.no bomb plant timer ran out
    timer that runs every round which will make the red team win
    if none of the bombsites has be captured and deactivates if a capture happend

    2.no bomb plant timer ran out
    time that will make team blu win if it runs out and a bombsite has been captured

    3.bomb defused
    red recapping is supposed to make team blu win at once

    my problem is that im not able to set up the timer right even if i try to eleminate them the events will still happen
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    maybe rig something through ctf systems
  3. pgfckr

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    I've allready given up on the bomb plant via flag because even with arena gamerule it switches to cfg if a flag and capture zone is in place.
    Best case szenario is that everyone can "plant" the bomb

    i have worked out some rube goldberg machine of gamerules that would do its deed if the timer coud do its job

    for now even if the bomb gets plantet the next timer doesnt take over and red team wins anyway without having to re cap
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    I'm not entirely sure what it is you're having trouble with, but it feels like you're using an unnecessarily complicated system for the bomb when you could just use game_round_timer.
  5. Lain

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    For the spawning and such, you could make the respawn time extreme so people will never respawn before they are forced to on a new round.
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    Try to make A/D Special Delivery with two cap zones; I think if you spawn the flags with a template it shouldnt override Arena logic?

    However YM did it for Arena Sacrifice