territorial control

  1. jixegix957

    tc_railrust 002

    fast-paced and small tc map
  2. bokon87550

    Map 2023-08-23

    Territory control map with an unique type of last point.
  3. Zacco

    Silvera A1

    Silvera is my very first attempt at a Territorial Control map. This was going to be for the Unofficial Territorial Domination contest, but I have a little but too much ADHD rattling around up there in my brain. Fear not, as you still get to play the map in all of its beautiful nightmare...
  4. Another Bad Pun

    Unofficial Contest: Territorial Domination! [RESULTS]

    Main Thread | Upload Thread | Results It is always cliché to mention, but trust me when I say: the overall quality of maps in this contest astonished me. I never imagined how close the running of these maps would turn out to be, and how good so many of them would be. I am in awe of the thin...
  5. Kube

    TCDOM Gamemode Logic Prefab (VScript Edition) v01.02

    TC Domination implementation in TF2 VScript. Install instructions Drop tcdom_logic.nut into tf/scripts/vscripts. Make sure to pack it when ya compile. Bring everything from tcdom_logic.vmf into your own map. Enjoy! Gamemode info Capture all three control points to win! At round start, each...
  6. Ismaciodismorphus

    Cryo a4

    There is no gimmick because the map is on the brushside brink limit its hydro but snowy and there are trees
  7. Mess About

    clover a9

    take place somewhere on the arctic region
  8. Emil_Rusboi

    Emiliminal a0a

    Made for TCDom contest I like Superliminal, Control, Truman Show and Severance so I made a liminal map, Emiliminal if you like
  9. 14bit

    Multi Stage TC National (TF2C) a6a

    My TC map National, recompiled for TF2C by @Another Bad Pun since apparently the vscript update broke compatibility between TF2 and TF2C and allegedly there is a ravenous fanbase for National in TF2C. Who knew! The lighting is apparently slightly different from the TF2 version, but other than...
  10. Tiftid

    tc_babel _v4

    A very strange TC map rescued from the clutches of the demi-devils. In an attempt to confuse players less than usual, the capture points are all given letters, and mid is very simplistic and contains doorways into all four points. The final A/D round has been completely removed because it's...
  11. OctoBlitz

    Newsie a7

    A dual entry into the TFConnect and Territorial Domination contests! (Placed 7th and 10th respectively ) Newsie takes place at the Headquarters of the Teufort Times, the local newspaper chain has been floundering as of recent, however its reporting of the Gravel Wars has sent it skyrocketing in...
  12. Brokkhouse

    Hinterlands A7

    Unofficial TCDOM Contest entry. Made by Brokk and Codex. This take on the criminally underused Cyclic Capture Points gamemode (or Cyclic Territorial Control) places teams at opposing corners of a 4-point map. You may only capture the point to your immediate left. You will always spawn at the...
  13. 14bit

    14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab

    14bit submitted a new resource: 14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab - Finally, you can have a Round Overview with ease! Read more about this resource...
  14. 14bit

    14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab v1

    14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab This prefab includes two parts: An updated TC entity setup .vmf The files needed for a custom Round Overview To use the Round Overview, put the TCtemplate folder in your tf/custom folder Original logic based off of the gamemode prefab from A Boojum...
  15. Emil_Rusboi

    Territorial Control Domination Gamemode Logic Prefab v02fix

    This is a gamemode prefab from cp_caper, Territorial Control Domination map. Information The prefab consists of 3 control points, 3 respawn rooms, 1 spawn room for the start of the round (needs so the map could work) and all required logic: Selecting random control points, changing spawns for...
  16. FlyingEngineer

    Reboot A2

    Reboot is a research center. Currently just glorified 2cp, the goal is to make a fully working territorial control map.
  17. Squaggies

    Seaplant b0a

    Saltspray Rig and the Turf War gamemode from Splatoon make their way to TF2 as a custom map! Work within the 3 minute timer to win against your opponents in this zainy new map! To play connect to: steam://connect/ into console alternatively if you want to host a server with...
  18. Vert

    cp_tcdom_vert a4

    For ages, humankind has struggled with many challenges. Many tasks deemed far too dangerous to be worth solving. How to create world peace? How to end world hunger? How to travel faster than light? How to make territorial control good? I, like everyone else, have attempted to solve at least one...
  19. Dapper~Blueberries

    Help for a TC map

    So I have this TC map idea called Street Justice. It has a theme of socs vs punks with the socs being the red team and the blu team being the punks. How do I easily and natural advance each side with each round? Like I'm thinking the first round is a red barn vs the blu team's skate park and...
  20. Blade x64

    King of Territorial Control Prefab 2020-09-23

    TC but KOTH instead of 2CP. Modified from the ABS TC prefab. How it works: The KOTH point gets teleported to the associated path_track for each round. logic_branch_listeners get the state of the four central TCPs and set the priority for their associated team_control_point_round. To remove a...