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TCDOM Gamemode Logic Prefab (VScript Edition) v01.02

Wow! Flashy tech!

TC Domination implementation in TF2 VScript.

Install instructions​

  1. Drop tcdom_logic.nut into tf/scripts/vscripts. Make sure to pack it when ya compile.
  2. Bring everything from tcdom_logic.vmf into your own map.
  3. Enjoy!

Gamemode info​

Capture all three control points to win! At round start, each team snags a random point. The remaining point spawns neutral.


That 3x3 grid of relays? Those are hooks for point ownership. When point ownership is set (either at the beginning of the round or by point capture), the appropriate relay will fire. Relay name format is tcdom_owns_[cap]_[team].


At the top of tcdom_logic.nut are some neato variables!

lockOnCapboolShould points lock when capped?
respawnOnCapboolShould we force respawn some team on control point capture?
respawnOnCapTeamintIf respawning on cap, which team should respawn? (0 for capturing team, 1 for other team, 2 for both teams)
timerTimeLimitintHow many seconds should the timer start with?
timerTimeMaxintHow many seconds should the timer max out at?
capTimeModintHow many seconds should capturing a point add to the timer?
respawnTimeInitintHow many seconds should the initial respawn time be?
respawnTimeModintBy how many seconds should capping a point change your team's respawn time? (applied in reverse to the losing team.)
suddenDeathboolShould sudden death occur?
suddenDeathTimerintHow many seconds should the sudden death timer start with? (use -1 for server default.)


@Another Bad Pun, @Emil_Rusboi, and @Kube. Licensed under the Unlicense.
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Latest updates

  1. Fun fixes

    Fix respawn race condition Disable hologram shadows
  2. Add var_respawnOnCapTeam and associated code

    New variable respawnOnCapTeam determines which team to force respawn on point capture.