14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab

14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab v1

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14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab v1

Finally, you can have a Round Overview with ease!

14bit's Improved Territorial Control Prefab

This prefab includes two parts:
  • An updated TC entity setup .vmf
  • The files needed for a custom Round Overview
To use the Round Overview, put the TCtemplate folder in your tf/custom folder

Original logic based off of the gamemode prefab from A Boojum Snark, found here: https://tf2maps.net/downloads/ultimate-mapping-resource-pack.510/

The content within this prefab is free to use without credit, though I would like a mention if you use the provided generic tc_logic_template.vmt without any edits!

Important note on how to pack the files into a map:

If you use CompilePal to automatically pack your maps, the Round Overview files will not get packed! This won't break the map, but nobody will be able to see a Round Overview except you. This is because there's nothing in the map that references the Round Overview files, so CompilePal doesn't know to look for them.

To make sure CompilePal includes these files, I recommend putting all the required files in a special folder in your custom folder (something like \tf\custom\<mapname>) and use the "Include Directory" option in the Pack step to force it to pack the whole folder. Make sure you update tc_logic_template.vmt and tf_logic_template.res filenames to match your exact map name before packing every version!

Info on the TC logic setup:

In addition to all of the basic TC logic required for the mode to function, this version has the following improvements over the ABS version:
- Pre-built dynamic arrow signs from Hydro
- Dynamic resupply signs that correctly update to match teams at the start of each round
- Resupply rooms that properly change teams/update at the start of each round

Info on the Round Overview stuff:

To use the pre-made one in this prefab:

The Round Overview in this template is a modified version of Hydro's Round Overview, with the Hydro-specific landmarks removed. You can use it as-is, modify it further to add your own map's landmarks, or just use this as a reference to create an entirely original Round Overview.

There are three files needed for the overview:
- A <mapname>.vtf overview image
- A <mapname>.vmt overview material
- A <mapname>.res file for the game to know how to display the overview
If you are using the logic provided, all you need to do is rename the .vmt and the .res files to the exact filename of your map (and pack them in the right places) and everything should just work.

Making your own Round Overview:

If you want a custom image for your overview, here's what each part does and what you'll need to change in the prefab:
  • tc_logic_template.vtf
    • The texture used for the round overview chalkboard
    • Put this in \materials\overviews
    • Can be named anything
  • tc_logic_template.vmt
    • The material used for the round overview chalkboard
    • Put this in \materials\overviews
    • Make sure the %basetexture points to the correct .vtf
    • Rename this file to the exact filename of your map
  • tf_logic_template.res
    • Defines control point positions on the overview, and tells the game to show an overview
    • Put this in \resource\roundinfo
    • The first line doesn't actually have to reference your map, you can leave it be
    • The points listed must have the same names as the team_control_points in hammer
    • The points listed must be in order of ascending index (lowest indexed point first)
    • Coordinates for the point positions are on a 560x280 grid, with 0 0 in the upper left
      • If you are making a custom Round Overview, you can resize your custom overview image to 560x280 and use an image editor to figure out what the coordinates should be
    • Rename this file to the exact filename of your map
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