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Hinterlands A7

Somewhere, in a vaguely european coastal town...

Unofficial TCDOM Contest entry. Made by Brokk and Codex.

This take on the criminally underused Cyclic Capture Points gamemode (or Cyclic Territorial Control) places teams at opposing corners of a 4-point map. You may only capture the point to your immediate left. You will always spawn at the last point you captured. Capture all four points to win the round.

Uses Frontline and Construction assets, along with plenty others. A detailed Credits list will follow as development continues.
First release
Last update
Territorial Control

Resource team

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Latest updates

  1. Defendability buff

    Added more pickups (mainly ammo) and increased the size of some of them Reworked part of B Added a new building to A, and reworked the access Reduced the maximum time a little bit
  2. Vscript and CompilePal are not pals

    Added a few missing clips Reverted the lowering of B's ceiling (don't know how that happened) Added an arrow for navigation Re-added the extension of the packed script files for them to run properly No idea what caused the client crashes...
  3. Torn apart and rebuilt

    It's me doing the update log for once! Torn the entire map apart and rebuilt it from the ground up to reduce rotation times by a little bit Redid the whole logic using Vscript, hopefully it works better now Shortened the train Removed diagonals...