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cp_tcdom_vert a4

A hybrid of domination control points, with the asymmetry and randomization of territorial control.

For ages, humankind has struggled with many challenges. Many tasks deemed far too dangerous to be worth solving. How to create world peace? How to end world hunger? How to travel faster than light? How to make territorial control good?

I, like everyone else, have attempted to solve at least one of these problems. And, like everyone else, have most surely failed, but I hope what I have created has at least a semblance of fun.

The biggest issue with TC has always been how gigantic and confusing the maps are, especially when the layout changes every round. So, in my attempt to make TC, uh, bearable, I have simplified it to only one stage. Gone are the final points, switching to attack/defend with one point was never, and will never, be fun.

For the four remaining points, well, four is a but too many. Cut down to three, and suddenly everything looks like a Domination map, but with asymmetrical points. This is exactly what the gameplay has become, save a few changes to round start.

Like TC, each team starts with a control point, though it is now locked. To keep things interesting, these starting points are randomized. The third point starts neutral, allowing for a kind of "midfight". Once all three points have owners, the points unlock and it becomes standard Domination.

The only real remnant of TC left is the asymmetry and unique flavour to each area, which, at least in my opinion, is where the spirit of TC lies. The gamemode is all about owning these unique and distinct locations, which I hope has been preserved in the fullest.

Unfortunately my layout probably sucks lmao I hope it's fun anyway.

*pictures are outdated
First release
Last update
Territorial Domination

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Latest updates

  1. Alpha Four

    Minor update this time, mostly just some quality-of-life fixes, no major overhauls to any area or logic. Changelog: Added some flatcars to the train to give defenders a chance to retaliate if attacks choose to wait for the train when attacking...
  2. Alpha 3

    Changelog: A Made the train faster (512hu/s to 768 hu/s). This should make waiting for the train to pass more bearable, as it's in the way for less time now. Train intervals increased by ~4 seconds to compensate B No major changes C...
  3. Alpha Two

    First update! I haven't done any big overhauls due to limited testing, but I've made some minor changes to make upcoming tests more fluid, so that they can give the best feedback possible. Changelog: Reworked spawns at B and C to be farther...