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clover a9

a tc map with the 4-leaf clover layout design from dust2

take place somewhere on the arctic region

here is a visualization of how the 4-leaf layout looks in comparison with the one from tc_hydro (using mighty MS Paint)


the advantage of this type of layout is that each configuration is the exact same for every CPs, only the routes between them change, reduce the complexity and avoid confusion.
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Territorial Control

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    on a nuclear bomb testing site somewhere in Nevada
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Latest updates

  1. put on a little makeup

    a9 - update the caves (change props and textures) - update all layout door blocks' visual appearance - update last area - add more light
  2. smooth it out

    a8 scale down last, change spawn route sprinkle some snowy shrubs on the ground smooth out displacements add 1s to respawn time to stop instant spawn exploit fix game logic bug related to last when the timer runs out (thanks Diva Dan for the fix)
  3. complete overhaul

    a7 replace all POIs with proper buildings change respawntime mechanics (again) no screenshots yet, still lot of work to do