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TC National (TF2C) a6a

A National Park, for TF2C

My TC map National, recompiled for TF2C by @Another Bad Pun since apparently the vscript update broke compatibility between TF2 and TF2C and allegedly there is a ravenous fanbase for National in TF2C. Who knew!

The lighting is apparently slightly different from the TF2 version, but other than that should be identical.
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Though polarizing, National is also considered a cult favorite on TF2C for good reason - National is one of the only serious attempts at making a full and fun TC map that has really panned out to anything, owing to the Herculean amount of effort that designing and balancing such a map requires. It's not only better than historical TC efforts, but it's also just plain fun. The number of different configurations prevent it from getting stale and repetitive, and unlike other TC maps, each unique configuration feels exciting to strategize around. Movement is fluid and the pathing is clear, stalemates are relatively rare (and when they do happen, sudden death is a bonus treat). Despite the innumerable other custom maps we host on our official servers, no others have attracted a following with the sort of religious devotion that National has managed to gather, and equally, no others have attracted as many haters who refuse to even mutter National's name, lest they speak their demon into existence. Their fates have been inextricably bound together; if National dies, so does the rest of the game.
I am a staunch nationalist