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  1. <Brackets Guy>

    72hr Jam 2022 Domination! ????

    An artwork I made in Garry's mod of a Soldier rocket jumping and blasting a Pyro into smithereens, all while an engineer side-by-side to his sentry guns down a scout
  2. Lev1679

    dom_barnfield A3

    Dom_barnfield is a 2-team domination map with 2 points!
  3. noo.dll

    4-Team dom_pall_mall v1

    !!CONTENT WARNING!! for bright/flashing colours and custom audio. This is a 4-team domination remake of an attack/defense map of the same name. Balancing is WIP
  4. Emil_Rusboi

    Territorial Control Domination Gamemode Logic Prefab v02fix

    This is a gamemode prefab from cp_caper, Territorial Control Domination map. Information The prefab consists of 3 control points, 3 respawn rooms, 1 spawn room for the start of the round (needs so the map could work) and all required logic: Selecting random control points, changing spawns for...
  5. savvaisnotagirlolbbq

    4-Team Steel (Domination) 2022-06-14

    "That's right! Its dom_steel! 5 control points! Every team with their own base! And setup time included! What more could you ask?" Been 1 year since I added this map and I got plenty of playtesting with it. Surprisingly, despite the asymmetrical layout and advantages some teams have over...
  6. Ismaciodismorphus

    Hold all locational objectives prefab 4/6/2022

    The Hold all locational objectives game mode has neutral 6 points, 2 of them are home bases that have a slightly higher cap time, you must bring your teams flag to each point to enable them for capping, The team that controls all 6 points wins the game. This gamemode requires you to download...
  7. Squaggies

    Seaplant b0a

    Saltspray Rig and the Turf War gamemode from Splatoon make their way to TF2 as a custom map! Work within the 3 minute timer to win against your opponents in this zainy new map! To play connect to: steam://connect/ into console alternatively if you want to host a server with...
  8. Squaggies

    7CP Turf War Prefab a2

    HOW TO PLAY TURF WAR Whichever team owns the most control points before the aloted time is declared the winner HOW TO MAKE The entire prefab room needs to be placed somewhere in the map's void, rather than the logic from the prefab being placed within the main map somewhere, otherwise stuff...
  9. Cyberen

    Basic CP Domination Question

    I've been trying to make a really basic CP Domination logic. The default logic forces a stalemate if a team hasn't captured all points. I want logic where it simply hands victory to the team that's captured the most points. I also don't want any captures to increase the time or respawn times so...
  10. Trooffe

    Medieval Clashfort a1

    Well it was long time making and designing good medieval map, but i think I done the best what I could. Photos will be added later, because i am using shitty config lol
  11. Vert

    cp_tcdom_vert a4

    For ages, humankind has struggled with many challenges. Many tasks deemed far too dangerous to be worth solving. How to create world peace? How to end world hunger? How to travel faster than light? How to make territorial control good? I, like everyone else, have attempted to solve at least one...
  12. Sonoma

    Kluane a9

    A serious attempt at making a 1CP cp_cloak style map based off Ravine
  13. Springy

    springwarrior mc17 a2

    Made for Microcontest 17: Earth, Wind and Fire The teams fight on oil rigs in middle of the ocean, watch out for EPIC jump pad action and airbasts Wind - 5 jump pads Earth - 2 ( 1 for each side) moving platforms
  14. pont

    cp_pont_mc16 a1

    for mc16 - exclusion zone moisturised. in my lane. newly equipped with knowledge on how to set up control points from scratch. vibing. tranquil. featuring a funky little take on domcp where the round time is short, extra time is granted on each capture, and timer runout awards a win to the...
  15. MatixPL [F2P]

    GateBoat a6

    Map which I was working on for 4 months, because of not so many ideas. Its a map with control points on each side of river and one inside the bunker.
  16. Le Codex

    Corner A4

    Welcome to dom_corner, a map made after (re-)discovering the Domination gamemode and wanting to make a map for it. I originally had a layout idea of the spawns being in the inner corner between the team's point and mid, and this is what came out of it. This gamemode is basically multi-CP KotH...
  17. Le Codex

    Domination Gamemode Prefab (Player Destruction) v1

    A small, quick, and dirty "remaster" of JACK5's Domination gamemode prefab. Instead of using the KotH gamemode as a base, this one uses Player Destruction. Owning points makes you gain points every second. In order not to become crazy from the point gain sounds, I have included a soundscript to...
  18. Mess About

    cache a9

    A 3cp domination cp_standin-style map, used to use @Narpas "Standin-style CP with overtime" prefab. (f i forgot to take screenshots)
  19. 14bit

    Filtration (2020) A5A

    A remake of my first map, Filtration, started in three hours for Microcontest 10.
  20. Pigzit

    Domination Pigzit 72 2020 a3v4

    My 72hr Jam submission for 2020, this map takes place on a harbor in a large city. Uses the domination gamemode made by Jack5 Domination gamemode: