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  1. kelpto18505

    dom_waterfall A1_fix

    map is updaying welcome water fall made in red man and blue man give to saxton hale for weapon to fight war do a osha shut it down for poor safer injury and death to shut down water fall now reopen water fall be rumours australium being in waterfall Saxton Hale need red...
  2. Silver Scrublord

    cp_downtown b10

    after about two weeks of work I've finished my first team fortress 2 map in the half decade I've been making stuff in hammer. It has some issues, it has some inconsistencies, it has some visual bugs, but apparently some people think it's fun? This takes the standin-route of the control point...
  3. goem

    koths_sittin a4

    A small-ish map that's wider than it is long. Three points, 6:00 timer. More points = faster clock. Previously rd_resource. Barn point gives advantage to defenders on the control point, as it is the highest ground and is hard to attack. Bridge point is neutral and open, not favoring either...
  4. Red Dagger

    cyclic a1

    3 control points in a circle; capturing a point moves your spawn there unless that's the enemy's only point; hold on to a majority of the points for 3 minutes to win, like KOTH. Started in a 72hr jam, but that didn't get even a1 ready (cp_dagger72) so here's the "complete" first alpha version.
  5. Asd417

    Axlebox b12

    There are several problems I see with cp_standin. First, the points are too far from each other. You cap a point, and leave to go get the next point. When you are halfway there to the next point, the enemy team has almost captured the point you captured 20 seconds ago. You either turn back or...
  6. Narpas

    Narpas72 (CP) a9

    A version of dom_narpas72 using Standin's gamemode instead of domination. Screenshots:
  7. Jack5

    Domination Hybrid v1

    Description Want to make your own Domination map? Download the prefab by clicking here. You can find the original CP Hybrid here. It never occurred to me during the development of Hybrid that I could turn it into a Domination map, however, now that both me and Docteur Whoa have effectively...
  8. 14bit

    Filtration (2015) A3

    January 26, 2015: 14bit releases his first playable map for Team Fortress 2. Original post: It was created in 72 hours for the 2015 winter mapping contest, alt-tabbing between Crash's stream, Hammer, and the Valve Developer Community...
  9. vulduv

    winter war A4

    this is a frontline themed map set in the icy land of... idk. its overall theme is of the winter war. when russia tried invading finland in WWII.
  10. half

    Prithee A1

    a medieval multi-koth/domination map with 4 points and a few gimmicks (the more points your team holds, the faster the clock ticks down, up to 4 seconds every normal second) made for summer 72hr jam 2018 made with Gadget's medieval prefab pack and Jack5's domination prefab
  11. Narpas

    Narpas72 a9

    A desert themed 3CP domination map similar to Standin layout-wise, focusing on interesting control point areas. Made for the 2018 Summer 72hr Jam. Resources used: Zeq's dom_cliffhanger logic ABS resource pack Screenshots:
  12. Jack5

    Domination prefab v4

    Preface This prefab was originally a submission of mine on GameBanana since March the 6th, 2018 and has last been updated on March the 8th, 2018 according to that site. This map has in its entirety been reposted to, and GameBanana will continue to be the prime source of downloads and...
  13. Picked Random

    Drenched a4a

    WIP 5CP Domination map involving water. Teams gain points by holding onto control points. It is also possible to gain points by killing the enemy team, albeit at a slower rate. In case I never update this map again, here's the .vmf file and the other important stuff. Go wild. Screenshots:
  14. Aldoux

    Shipwreck A2

    Standin-like map, set on an island.
  15. Benoist3012

    TD Quartier a2

    My map for the 72hr summer jam. This map features an unique gamemode made by myself named "Team Domination" (TD), you can see it as a rework of the KOTH gamemode, I made the gamemode logic back in october 2015 but never got to make a map for it, and I found 2 days ago that scrapped gamemode...
  16. BigBang1112

    Shalldown Event A1_2

    So I started to make this map this Saturday I think, and this is its current state. The map has the Event suffix, as I might remake this map for a normal environment I don't know. Better to have it there. So, after few days, the map is actually kind of playable now. That's why I'm posting this...
  17. Arudon

    Yamashiro a5

    Three points are up for grabs in this custom-rigged Domination/3-koth map. The more points you own, the faster your time decreases! Steal back points from the enemy to keep them on their toes. Each point is designed to promote the strengths of particular classes, encouraging class variety...