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Mercenary Domination Mode Logic Test a1

A demonstration of a Merc-only domination mode in Open Fortress

Open Fortress has an unused and unfinished Domination gamemode; This map is a demonstration and test of the mode when combined with Team Deathmatch gameplay.
Because the control point HUD does not as of yet work with Domination mode, this map uses nine game_text and nine timer entities to display ownership of the three capture points for RED, neutral, and BLU.
The vmf is designed to be concise and modular to make creation of Domination maps accessible and as easy as possible. Additional capture points can be added by copying existing ones and their related text and timer entities to tell players who owns what.

The map is fully playable in the event it is hosted on a server for players, with nine player spawns per team and six weapon spawners on the map, two pairs of health and ammo kits and one powerup spawner (Haste) to showcase the gameplay as a proof of concept. Have fun!

Feel free to do whatever you want with the vmf and/or logic setup for this. No credit required, but would be appreciated.

VMF Download
VMF Download (Mirror)
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